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Alisha Johnson


 (she/her) I am a Certified Yoga Teacher through Melanie's Root to Rise Program since July of 2018, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer since July of 2019, and most recently USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certified since August of 2019. I was born and raised in Northern California surrounded by redwoods and the beautiful Pacific coast and moved to Fort Collins in 2013 to complete my Bachelors in Sociology and Human Development and Family Studies at CSU. I am currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Social Work Program at the University of Denver with a concentration in Health and Wellness. 


The purpose of yoga to me is to leave the ego and transcend into a state of curiosity and exploration through incorporating the breath with movement. My passion is helping guide others towards a healthy and holistic lifestyle through the breath and functional movement. I look forward to having you in my Friday 7:30AM Powerful Flow to start your morning by igniting your inner fire! 

Find Alisha :: Tues 5:30pm, Thurs 9am, Sun 10am

Amisha Klawonn

(she/her) Amisha  has been actively involved in yoga since September 2001, when her sister took her to a super challenging vinyasa yoga class that about knocked her out-and changed the direction of her career. 


Already working as a physical therapist, she began incorporating mind-body elements into her healthcare practice. She noticed huge differences with the combination of mind body integration and she eventually moved out of the traditional healthcare environment entirely and more into the mind-body world.


She has been teaching yoga in a group and one on one setting since 2016 when she was certified in medical therapeutic yoga. Her classes include spirituality, rhythmic music, centering meditations, modifications and mindful movements. The goal of each class is to create a transformational space and let it unfold. 


Amisha works as an integrative physical therapist and incorporates yoga into her practice with clients. She works with those who have been injured and want to get back into class or those who  continue injuring themselves when they practice  or are unable to go to class, at all, due to an injury. 


You can learn more about her at

Find Amisha : Tues  9am
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Kristen Yarmey

(she/her) Kristen Yarmey is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), reiki master, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) practitioner, and ordained minister in the Madonna Interfaith Community. Seeking relief from anxiety and depression, she began practicing yoga after realizing how disconnected she was from her own body. As a former academic, both yoga and energy healing have been significant tools in her journey from living from the head to living to the heart. Her classes emphasize body awareness and the connections between movement, breath, emotion, and energy. She teaches kundalini, vinyasa, slow flow, yin, and restorative yoga.

Find Kristen :: Mondays, Tues, & Wednesdays 7pm,

Michael Palser

(he/his) I am a Master Instructor for Animal Flow, and a certified Master PT. I love the human body, and I have been training for over 25 years.  My athletic background led me into the world of fitness. Starting with sports performance and body transformation, I fell in love with helping people!

This led me to seeking new forms of movement, including yoga, pilates, cycling, rowing, Muay Thai kickboxing and all group activities. 


I love to cook, and I am a singer who loves to play the guitar, and ALL music! These are both of my love languages and they both help me transcend. After a retreat on an Native American reservation in Arizona, I discovered the necessity for emotional and spiritual work in my life. Without it, I am not complete…


I will forever be learning, growing, and revealing new layers. This is me, and what I am here to give. 

Find Michael :: Thurs 5:30pm

Diedre Hand

(she/her) Deidre Hand discovered Tai Chi and Qigong in 1997, and has practiced traditional Yang Tai Chi and Qigong for 25 years, learning several styles, forms and weapons and has taught for 14 years. 

During her journey, Deidre has been able to benefit from practicing Qigong and Tai Chi while aging and recovering from injuries and surgeries. Her desire is to bring the essence of these ancient practices and make them accessible for modern humans. 

Find Diedre : Tues 10:30am
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Cheryl Kagan

(she/her) Cheryl is an RN, E-RYT 500 Yoga teacher and Certified Ayurveda  Lifestyle Coach   Cheryl has been teaching Yoga for 15 years, in the Viniyoga tradition, where emphasis is placed on mindful breath with movement, adaptation of postures, and repetition with each posture.  Her philosophy is- “It’s not about the postures, it’s about YOU. Cheryl’s Yoga classes offer mindful flow of repetition with each posture before stays,  bringing deep connection to breath, body, mind and spirit. You will find that each class is an artful synthesis of asana, pranayama, chanting, mantra, meditation and Yoga philosophy. Cheryl’s classes are available to everyone, regardless of age, body type or physical ability. 

Find Cheryl : Fridays 10:30am

Patti Shaffer Sterns

(she/her) From the time you meet Patti she makes you feel like you have known her for years. She has a warm and nurturing presence in an out of the yoga room. Patti’s classes are dynamic. She has a unique gift for reading her students so you can be sure that no class will be the same. She will challenge you, but at the same time nurture your soul and spirit with her knowledge and passion for all things yoga. Patti’s students often refer to her as the “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Effect” Teacher. This means that as you begin a class with Patti you will get lost in your own practice, she will help you let go and be present on your mat. However, somewhere through the middle of class you will start to feel Tapas (internal heat and discipline) from your practice, and at this point you will start to sweat and wonder how someone who is so nurturing can sneak and instill such a wonderful sense of change in your yoga practice on and off the mat. Her students are her passion. She will always put them first. Patti first discovered her love of Yoga back in the early 90’s through dvds and a home practice. She completed her 200 hour certification in 2009. Since that time Patti continues build upon her expansive knowledge of yoga, through workshops, literature, conferences as well as her own personal practice.

Find Patti : Thurs 12pm
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Kelly Thielk

Kelly L. Thielk, LCSW, ADS, 200RYT 

Kelly (she/her)  is a certified 200RYT instructor with over 500 hours of yoga trainings and workshops. She has taught yoga for over 17 years with trainings in Power Yoga & Hatha Yoga. She is specialty trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki II, Trauma Informed Yoga, YogaFit levels 1-4, Senior Yoga, Strength Yoga and Pre/Post-natal Yoga. Kelly is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Acudetox Specialist whom integrates yoga and Reiki into her therapeutic practice. Kelly likes to support and enhance your relationship to mind, body, breath though yoga while utilizing her education in mental health. She believes in allowing the breath to lead each movement and connecting with your inner needs to honor your body. Kelly enjoys yoga, weight lifting and hiking with her family but you can also find her dancing around her house messing with essential oils, cooking and playing with her dogs.

Find Kelly : Tues 12pm

Kari Grady Grossman


(she/her) Kari has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2016, and has been training in the 1,000 hour Kundalini Yoga Therapy program since 2019.  She is a Reiki master, paddleboard yoga instructor, Ancestral Healing trainee and co-owner of Happy Lucky’s Teahouse in Fort Collins with her husband George.  Before turning her life to the healing arts, she worked as an international development specialist in rural Cambodia, wrote two books about Cambodia and traveled as a science and adventure writer for The Discovery Channel online.  She and George have two children, Grady and Shanti, adopted from Cambodia and India respectively. 

Find Kari :: Mondays 5:30pm
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Melanie Lighthouser

(she/her) Melanie began her yoga journey in her early twenties and received her 200hr certification from The Asheville Yoga Center in 2004.  Her teaching and body knowledge is deeply connected to her 17yrs of doing massage therapy, as well as the Shamanic Breathwork training she received in her late twenties.

Melanie describes her yoga style as "deep breath slow flow".  She feels most passionately about creating a space where her students can connect deeply with their breath and, through that connection, realign their bodies from the inside out.  Her classes offer a well-rounded re-balance of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. 

Melanie is the co-owner of Be Free,  lead instructor for Root to Rise 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, and the co-leader of Breathe, the Be Free Breathwork certification program at BFHC! 

Find Melanie :: Mon 9am, Wed 5:30pm 

Kat Davis

(she/her) You could call me a former-mermaid, a hug-giver, a lover of the moon & all things sparkly. My path has long been one of curiosity & learning about the body. Dance, Martial Arts, SCUBA Instructor, Massage Therapy & Reiki training plus a lot of self-study all lead me to Yoga. Yoga felt like coming home; like medicine for my body (chronic back pain), mind (depression & anxiety) & Spirit. I felt called to pay it forward, to help others shed the programming & rediscover Self. May 2015, I completed my training with Perennial Yoga in Madison, WI & received the Yoga Alliance RYT 200 certification.   

Life moves at a hectic pace, so I teach what I practice - slow & gentle vinyasa, mindful movements that (re)connect body with breath; Yin, Restorative & Yoga Nidra to rest & recharge. My classes are infused with the magic of the elements, nature, sound & Reiki – laughter is also welcome!  

It is my intention & deep honor to create & hold a safe space for students to find their own Light, strength & grace – both on & off the mat. Together, we create a container for discovery, release & connections. I truly believe we can change the world, one breath at a time. 

Outside of the studio, exploring & photographing nature has become a passion. Creating art & jewelry infused with intention also bring me joy!

Find Kat ::   Mon 12pm, Thurs 7pm, & Fridays 9am

Jillian Bieritz

(she/her) Jillian’s love and connection to nature brought her and her family from the Chicagoland area, to Fort Collins in 2015. She has been a truth seeker for as long as she can remember and has expressed herself artistically from an early age, with music and dance being huge influential forms of creative expression, luminating her spiritual path.

When Jillian was introduced to yoga in 2012, she was unaware of how deeply it would transform her life. She stepped to the mat in search of a spiritual connection, and what she found was more powerful than she ever imagined. Within a short amount of time she was called to dive deeper into the sacred practice of yoga. In 2015, Jillian received her 200-hr Hatha Yoga Certification upon completion of a one-on-one yoga teacher training apprenticeship with Meggan Riley Yoga.

Jillian has an intuitive understanding of the ancient wisdom offered through the scientific system of yoga. Her deep love of astrology, organic movement, and the studies of Earth Medicine, inspire her teachings. She is dedicated to teaching yoga from the heart, while bringing a soulful connection to mind, body and spirit. She is passionate about holding a sacred container for students to (re)connect with themselves in an authentic way. Forever a student, Jillian is eternally grateful for the wisdom and guidance that has been offered by her teachers.

When off the mat you can find Jillian, her husband Blake, their son Grey and soulful dog Raven, focusing their energy on experiencing all that Colorado has to offer, and growing spiritually through spontaneous adventure, and a willingness to do the unexpected.

Find Jillian: Wed 9am &Fridays at Noon
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Alexandra Jenkins


Alexandra (she/her) has been teaching yoga since 2012. She holds a 500hr certification and she has additional training as a Massage Therapist, Be Free Breathwork facilitator, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  Alexandra uses her somatic education and nervous system awareness practices to inform all her yoga classes. 

Alexandra is teaching yin/restorative classes every Sunday evening from 6-7:15pm, and every other Tuesday evening from 7-8:15pm. Alexandra's intention with her classes is always to support the practitioner in connecting to the wisdom and voice of the body, to find some space to relax and let go, and to invite the nervous system to recognize safety and contentment. 


Find Alexandra Sundays 6pm 
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