Our Yoga Family

Michelle Trumble

Michelle Trumble is a Fort Collins native.  She was first introduced to her yogi path back in 2008 and through this re-awakening, found her passion, purpose and desires to share her teachings.  Growing up in the foothills, she was instilled with a deep reverence for humans deep connection to the rhythm of nature.  Her teaching style a reflection of that flow in all her offerings.  She has a knack for seeing the spark in others and enjoys being a catalyst for curiosity and creativity through her humor and colorful personality.   She encourages and supports individuals in their authentic expression, body, mind and spirit. She received her RYT through Be Free Healing in January, 2017 and became a Certified Be Free Integrative Breathwork Facilitator in April of 2018. Michelle’s background in Holistic Life Coaching, Shamanic practices, Shadow Work and Neurolinguistic Programming provide a diverse template for her to evoke deep transformation in each individual she works with. She believes that the deepest healing comes from seeking the wisdom and awarenesses from within, a reason why she connects so deeply to slower more easeful Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra practices while appreciating the deep emotional release of Transformational Breathwork.  Michelle is constantly flowing and evolving, so you can expect a wide range of creative offerings, classes and workshops. Outside of the studio, you can find her frolicking in the mountains, working on her latest art project, dancing, hiking, biking, camping, paddleboarding with her 3 year old and partner Dave.

Find Michelle :: Tues 7pm and Thurs 12pm

Krista Davis

As a teacher, Krista approaches her role as a guide for students’ learning. She aims to readily adapt to the needs and interests of the participants so that each one finds their own personal practice. She enjoys sharing what she has learned from many different styles and traditions, to bring holism into the yoga classroom and help support her students to bring balance to their body, mind and spirit.

“I see yoga and meditation as a harmonizing practice, a way to connect with nature, and to become healthy, even luminous. I’m constantly in awe with the way that yoga and meditation can be relevant in every aspect of life, whether we’re planting gardens, raising children, caring for ourselves and our surroundings, or doing our work. Yoga teaches us to breath in to, and to be flexible within, life’s experiences so that we may yield to the beauty which we are constantly surrounded by.”


Krista M Davis, BSc, ERYT-500, YACEP  She founded Holistic Yoga School in Fort Collins, Colorado, in January of 2012. Krista’s work has also included serving as an International Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator for SchoolYoga Institute and the Kula Collective.

Find Krista :: Tues @ Noon for Tiny Tots & Wednesdays 7pm

Macie Murphy

Macie first found yoga as a teenager seeking relaxation and stillness from the stressors of college life. Over the past eight years, she has returned again and again to cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness, a deeper spiritual practice and to learn how to love herself from the inside out. She completed her 200 hour yoga certification through Melanie’s Root to Rise training program, and is working towards her Integrative Health and Wellness coaching certificate. Macie seeks to help others thrive by nurturing the body, mind and soul and hopes you step off the mat feeling liberated by your magic. 

Find Macie :: Wednesdays 6am!

Bianca Myers

Born a California native Bianca has deep roots in Colorado. For the past 19 years she has grown to love the culture and beauty of this magical place! She began her yoga journey about 10 years ago, just after moving to Northern Colorado. In 2015, she took a leap and signed up for her 200HR teacher training. She figured if nothing else she would walk away from the experience with a deeper understanding of her personal practice. What she got was a healing journey that transformed the very essence of her being-YOGA.

 She found that through conscious breath and mindful movement, balance was possible amidst the chaos of life. That when she gave herself a chance to pause, breathe and open-up energetically, her thoughts began to slip away only to be replaced with a deep connection to her physical being. 

Bianca enjoys expressing her authenticity in all facets of her life. From her teachings in yoga (land or water), to facilitating transformational breathwork to dancing under the stars. Allowing herself to be true to that which sets her soul on fire has led her to where she is today. A mother of 1 tiny human, 3 furry babies and wife to her college love and best friend. She enjoys inviting others to tap into their form of creative expression by connecting authentically with her students, friends and teachers alike.

In her spare time Bianca enjoys basking in the Colorado sunshine. Anything from hiking, to biking, to paddle boarding, to painting or crafting. Mostly whatever allows her to tap into her childlike nature!

 Sharing the ART of YOGA felt natural to her.  Bianca shares a practice that is built from the ground up, designed to move through your body in such a way that you are given the opportunity to connect energetically and physically, pausing before you press forward. As she continues to grow and learn from those she surrounds herself with her practice and teachings are ever evolving. 

Find Bianca :: Mondays @ 5:30pm & Fridays 12pm 

Alexandra Jenkins

I began teaching yoga in 2012 after completing my 200hr Certification here in Fort Collins. Since then I have completed a 500hr yoga certification, various other trainings (including Be Free Integrative Breathwork and Priestess Apprenticeship), moved multiple times, have had two children, and I am still practicing yoga. What I love about yoga is that it is fluid. No matter where we are on our internal or external path, the practice of yoga can grow and shift along side of us if we allow it. My classes provide you the space to shift, change, return, and unwind through the practice of pranayama, asana, mediation, and intention.

Find Alex :: Wednesdays 9am & Sat 9am

Chelsea Greesman

Chelsea's does yoga to support a happy and motivated life. She is a Fort Collins native, and lovers her vibrant community. Her core belief is that mind-body connection is the key to an open heart and elevated mind which leads to the path of transformation. She strives to make the path to fitness widely accessible to all.

Chelsea is also the owner of The Solarium, the coolest place to stay in Foco! Join her Wednesdays nights for BUTI yoga... 

Find Chelsea :: Wednesdays 5:30pm

Melanie Lighthouser

Melanie began her yoga journey in her early twenties and received her 200hr certification from The Asheville Yoga Center in 2004.  Her teaching and body knowledge is deeply connected to her 15yrs of doing massage therapy, as well as the Shamanic Breathwork training she received in her late twenties.

Melanie describes her yoga style as "deep breath slow flow".  She feels most passionately about creating a space where her students can connect deeply with their breath and, through that connection, realign their bodies from the inside out.  Her classes offer a well-rounded re-balance of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. 

Melanie is the lead instructor for Root to Rise 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, and the co-leader of Breathe, the Be Free Integrative Breathwork certification program at BFHC! 

Find Melanie :: Mon 9am, Wed 12pm , Thurs 7pm

Kari Grady Grossman

Kari Grady Grossman is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, an ACA certified Stand Up Paddleboard instructor and SUP Yoga instructor with 25 years of river guiding experience. She is the co-owner of Happy Lucky’s Teahouse, with two locations in Old Town and Front Range Village.  She is the Founder of Sustainable Schools International, an educational organization in rural Cambodia, and the author of two awarding winning books:  Bones That Float, A Story of Adopting Cambodia and Teacher Absent Often, Building Sustainable Schools from the Inside Out.  She is the mother of two children: Grady age 17 from Cambodia; and Shanti, age 13 from India. Prior to writing her books, she spent nearly two decades traveling, writing, and producing documentaries which appeared on Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel Online, including coverage from Mount Everest and the Alaskan Iditarod. 

Kari’s spiritual name is Preet Seva Kaur, meaning service with divine love. 

Find Kari ::  Wednesdays 7:30am

Erin Pettis

 I still vividly recall my first yoga class; I was eleven-years-old. That single class ignited my life-long exploration of methods of achieving optimal health and wellness. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are fundamental for my personal wellbeing. I feel mentally transformed and physically radiant after my practice! 

     I have a Masters of Science degree in Nutrition, with a focus on Nutrigenomics, from the University of Arizona.  In 2015, I co-founded the Dipamkara Foundation, a non-profit that supports Tibetan nuns in the Himalayas. Providing assistance to these humble, warmhearted nuns has been a true gift for me.  

    I am a KRI-certified teacher and Level 2 teacher trainee of Kundalini Yoga. My goal is to elevate my students by inspiring them to discover compassion, beauty and bliss in their lives. I feel fortunate to live in Fort Collins with my superstar husband, our two rad sons, and our sweet Golden Retriever.  P.S. I love art, singing, and dancing.

Find Erin ::  Tues 5:30pm

Cory Dillingham

Cory believes that a yoga practice is both a lifestyle & a journey. Deepening her own practice helped her to understand yoga on a more therapeutic level, seeing the impact it had on her life inspired her to travel and learn its teachings.

In 2014 she traveled to Spain and completed her first 200 hour yoga teacher training. In 2017 she took her second 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training in Fort Collins, Colorado at old town yoga with Michael Lloyd Billington.

After teaching yoga for 4 years she experienced a very unexpected loss. She was 25 weeks pregnant when she went into labor with her twin boys and lost them both shortly after giving birth. After the loss she stepped into the Grief Support Network in Boulder Colorado. The grief support network offered yoga therapy.

In January 2020 she completed her A 200 hour mindful grieving yoga therapy training through the Grief Support Network in Boulder, Colorado.

The style she represents is gentle and calming, taking time in each asana and using the breath being key to bringing awareness into the body and mind. Cory also has a passion for jewelry making. She makes mala necklaces known as prayer beads as a way to heal her heart. She loves to be outside in nature, gathering herbs for medicine making.

Find Cory :: Mondays 7pm & Thursdays 9am

Tammy Warren aka SparkleZ

I have been teaching young children for 23 years. Over the years I have noticed that the children coming into my classroom have a difficult time expressing their emotions, self-regulation and lack key social skills. I began using yoga and a variety of breathing techniques and later began incorporating art, books, music and other tools to help empower children and help them manage their feelings and bodies. I am thrilled to be able to share these powerful techniques at Be Free Healing Center. 

Why Mindfulness?
**Mindfulness provides children with simple, practical tools to work directly with their nervous systems, helping them regulate emotional states and focus attention.
**Mindfulness improves attention
Children’s mindfulness training starts with learning focusing skills. When we learn to focus on just one thing, like taste, sound or our own breath, our mind calms down and grows stronger.
Refined concentration skills, in turn, translate to improved performance. It helps children do better in sports, school or arts, and it will help them score higher on tests. We always do better when we’re able to pay attention to what we’re doing.
**Mindfulness improves self-regulation
When children practice focusing skills, they become aware of what their minds are really up to. Mindfulness practice helps children deal with tough emotions and even improves impulse control. It replaces impulsive reactions with thoughtful responses. Without mindfulness we tend to be reactive, whereas with mindfulness we can respond in a balanced, rational way. Ultimately children can learn to steady themselves under sympathetic arousal to access cognitive skills.
**Mindfulness gives children the tools to focus their minds, calm down and reflect on a situation when they need to make a choice. When we’re aware of our inner life and are able to observe it, emotions and thoughts can lose their control over us, and we get more time to respond.

My classes will incorporate a wide variety of mindfulness skills, storybooks, movement and breathing.

Find SparkleZ ::  Tuesdays 4pm for ages 4-8

Megan Majors

“I believe that through yoga we unite as one- one with nature, breath, mind, body, and spirit. We become empowered to find our flow and learn that everything we seek is already within. Through yoga, we find ourselves.”

Megan discovered yoga in 2016 at a time when both her physical and mental health were in conflict. She instantly fell in love with the peace of mind, sense of community, and health benefits that the practice brought her. Since then, her love for this moving meditation has only continued to blossom. In the summer of 2018, her passion to share this source of joy with others led her to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Holistic Yoga School & Studio.

As a yoga teacher, Megan loves to get creative with the art of asana and design sequences that embody a sense of fluidity and ease while building heat and prana (universal energy) in the body. She often looks to nature for inspiration and enjoys weaving themes of self-compassion into her classes.

Megan believes that the heart of wellbeing is rooted in connection. Beneath the beautiful mosaic of differences that make each of us who we are lies a prevailing oneness. Megan’s mission is to support every individual on their journey to oneness. Rather than focusing on becoming something, Megan prefers the approach of “unbecoming”—peeling back the layers to get to the pieces of the Self that already exist. To her, stepping onto the mat is an opportunity for every student to explore within and glimpse just a little closer at their own inner light. She looks forward to continuing to learn and grow with you!

Find Megan ::  Tuesdays 7am & Thursdays 10:30am

Kat Davis

You could call me a former-mermaid, a hug-giver, a lover of the moon & all things sparkly. My path has long been one of curiosity & learning about the body. Dance, Martial Arts, SCUBA Instructor, Massage Therapy & Reiki training plus a lot of self-study all lead me to Yoga. Yoga felt like coming home; like medicine for my body (chronic back pain), mind (depression & anxiety) & Spirit. I felt called to pay it forward, to help others shed the programming & rediscover Self. May 2015, I completed my training with Perennial Yoga in Madison, WI & received the Yoga Alliance RYT 200 certification.   


Life moves at a hectic pace, so I teach what I practice - slow & gentle vinyasa, mindful movements that (re)connect body with breath; Yin, Restorative & Yoga Nidra to rest & recharge. My classes are infused with the magic of the elements, nature, sound & Reiki – laughter is also welcome!  


It is my intention & deep honor to create & hold a safe space for students to find their own Light, strength & grace – both on & off the mat. Together, we create a container for discovery, release & connections. I truly believe we can change the world, one breath at a time. 


Outside of the studio, exploring & photographing nature has become a passion. Creating art & jewelry infused with intention also bring me joy!

Find Kat ::  Sundays 6pm & Fridays 9am

Brie Chesley

Brie was introduced to the practice of yoga several years ago and has been dancing since she was 2 years old.  In 2018 she graduated from the Be Free Integrative Breathwork Facilitator Program and the Root To Rise Yoga Teacher Training.  Born with her sun in Pisces and moon in Scorpio, Brie has always felt a deep connection to the ethereal realms of imagination, creativity, spirituality and intuition.  She will be offering Breathwork Facilitation, Yoga Instruction, Guided Meditation, Dance, Women's Circles and Art Workshops for adults and children.  In her offerings you will discover expression and themes exploring the elements, astrology, the directions and sacred animal spirit medicine.  Brie is a loving, energetic guide for all beings to discover the expansion and freedom that we hold within.  Her deepest intention is to be of service and reflection as we remember our multi-dimensional cosmic consciousness and divine selves.  Brie incorporates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies within her classes and assists with the awareness, opening and balancing of the chakra bodies.  Brie is also a children's yoga instructor and is the creator of Galactic Gaia Studios through which she designs and inspires sacred art and adornment.  Through movement, breathwork , meditation and art she believes we ignite our inner galaxies of inspiration, joy, balance, freedom of expression and the awareness of our Earthen and cosmic being.  


Brie will also be supporting The Be Free Healing Center as the Workshop Coordinator.  

Find Brie :: Thurs  5:30pm &
 Kids Yoga Ages 3-5 Mondays Noon & Fridays 10:30am

Devon Athey

Devon has been actively learning, growing, and working in the Healing Arts field for over twelve years.  In 2006, she completed a BA in Humanities at Fort Lewis College, focusing on Sociology, Psychology, and Art.  This awoke her passion for helping people from all walks of life to live rich and supported lives.  Realizing that the most powerful way for her to live her passion was through massage therapy, she went on to complete an intensive 1000-hour bodywork program at Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts and became a Certified Massage Therapist in 2007. After several years of practicing, she was once again called to pursue her diverse interests in health and wellness and completed an MA in Integrative Health, with an emphasis in Wellness Coaching from California Institute of Healing Arts in 2012.  After offering her skills for seven years as lead massage therapist at SenSpa in San Francisco, Devon realized that returning to her roots in Colorado was the path she would follow.  For the past two years, she has served as the General Manager of Amara Massage Therapy and Wellness in Fort Collins and, in 2019, attained her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification through the Be Free Root to Rise teacher training program.  As she moves into the next chapter of teaching yoga, Devon brings a clear intention to offer talent and create a space containing authenticity, exploration, support and non-judgment.  

Find Devon :: Wed  10:30am

Alisha Johnson

 I am a Certified Yoga Teacher through Melanie's Root to Rise Program since July of 2018, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer since July of 2019, and most recently USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certified since August of 2019. I was born and raised in Northern California surrounded by redwoods and the beautiful Pacific coast and moved to Fort Collins in 2013 to complete my Bachelors in Sociology and Human Development and Family Studies at CSU. I am currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Social Work Program at the University of Denver with a concentration in Health and Wellness. 


The purpose of yoga to me is to leave the ego and transcend into a state of curiosity and exploration through incorporating the breath with movement. My passion is helping guide others towards a healthy and holistic lifestyle through the breath and functional movement. I look forward to having you in my Friday 7:30AM Powerful Flow to start your morning by igniting your inner fire! 

Find Alisha :: Fridays  7:30am!

Baheya Aysheh

I call my business Zen By Baheya, and I am honored to provide sacred space and shared wisdom to awaken the natural born healer within you.  My purpose is to reconnect you with your Higher Divine Spirt, in order  to free you from all that no longer serves you.    The breath is the gift of Life itself. May we rediscover our own precious breath by rediscovering our Divine selves.

I am a spiritual Transformational Life Coach (TLC) , energy producer, Reiki practitioner, Certified Yoga teacher,  Public Speaker on the importance of self care through self love, and a published author of the book I Hide Behind My Makeup (2013).  


Using the Divine practices of Yoga, Chi Gong and the Infinite quantum figure 8 Dance movements. I'm thrilled to offer Yo-Qi-Dance !!

Infinite Quantum Yo -Qi -Dance, allows you to recognize that the body's Chi, or energy, flows in waves. It is based on the sacred geometry of the infinite symbol figure 8.

The consciousness of the system accesses the intelligence of the DNA matrix. The various gentle movements increase the vital life force in the meridians and energy matrix for cellular rejuvenation on a physical level and peace in the deep psyche. We will breathe, move, and experience deep stillness.

Find Baheya :: Tues 9am

Lorin DeSpirito

Lorin likes to hike deep into the mountains, walk across 1 inch slacklines high in the sky across canyons, play in whitewater, and spin fire. She is an avid adventure seeker, learner, and teacher. She blends flow and mindfulness with the excitement of life, deepening her connection to Mother Earth. 


Lorin began practicing yoga in college to get a “good work out.” Little did she know the depths of the gift she was about to receive. Practicing yoga has opened the pathway to process and return her heart back to its original state -- LOVE. She understands yoga deeply and intimately wants to share the power to influence, transform, and enhance our lives together. 


In 2019, she received her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification with Melanie Lighthouser’s Root to Rise Program in Fort Collins, CO. Lorin is also a certified slackline instructor with the International Slackline Association. She practices slackline yoga and seeks to share the awe-inspiring active meditation benefits. Look out for slackline yoga workshops! Next, Lorin wants to learn to work with the resonant vibrations of healing sounds.

Find Lorin ::  Mondays 4pm

Darin Steege

 Darin's path towards teaching Kundalini Yoga started over 5 years ago at age 35. During this year of life, a person is smackdab in the middle of a major phase transition, or cluster, (as Kundalini yoga would define it) which is when the three cycles of life converge: Cycle of Consciousness, Cycle of Intelligence, and Cycle of Life Energy. These clusters are peaks of change throughout life and require special efforts to cross with integrity and balance. To say that there is a LOT going on is a subtle way of saying "hold on tight!"  Life changes are constant and come in different forms. For Darin, this change was definitely a "different form", as Kundalini was the first kind of yoga he experienced. Although Kundalini hooked him pretty quickly, he admits it took over 2 years to integrate this powerful technology into his life and for him to catch up to the changes that were happening.  As he solidified his Sadhana, daily spiritual practice, he quickly experienced it's power. Life flowed with more ease and less friction, and Darin unknowingly used this new found tool to turn stressors into useful opportunities, stagnation into abundance. Kundalini eventually lead Darin to a 7 month Level One Teacher Training Program, where he received his certificate to teach. Darin is excited to share the transformative technology of Kundalini Yoga to all who dare to live as spiritual beings born for a human experience. 

 Outside of teaching Kundalini Yoga, Darin can be found engaging in any number of artistic pursuits. He gained his Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Colorado State University in 2008, where he was a double major and studied Sculpture and Pottery. He is currently teaching a hand building class at Smokestack Pottery in Fort Collins and has a sweet job doing the finishing, or patina, at a local high-end metals shop, also in FC. Creativity, expansion, simplification, clarity, and joy, are all sought after in a day-to-day fashion as this tiny-home living, ceramic art making, yoga teaching human being transverses life.

Find Darin ::  Mondays 7:30am

Erin Doty

Erin Doty offers inspiration and insight to illuminate your sacredness and activate your inner knowing while rooted in grounded, clear presence. She assists clients and students with discovering specific facets to live fearlessly with ease, to align with clear direction towards self-awareness, navigate trauma safely, enjoy optimal health, and to live an abundant life.  Erin is owner of HK High Kicks, which integrates yoga, wellness, and gemstones for therapeutic use.  Her authenticity and joy allows for an inviting and welcome experience to everyone.  Certifications: ERYT200, RYT500, Certified TAOMCHI Master Crystalogist, Body Positive Yoga, Yoga Warriors International, Fascia in Yoga and Movement, Pelvic Floor Health.

Find Erin ::  Wednesdays 4pm