You are invited on a sacred journey of self discovery, expansion, learning, and growth. 


Through our eight months together, you will not only deepen your connection to your inner-guidance system, but you will also have the opportunity to cultivate a new and profound relationship with your physicality. 

You will receive the tools to share this practice in a way that is unique, safe, and authentic to you and your body.

  What lights you up about yoga, and how can we magnify that light?  

How can you be a catalyst for others to connect to their own inner-guidance system?

Why Choose Root To Rise

This training is unique in that each immersive weekend centers thematically around a specific chakra.  Through our eight weekends together, we will work our way from the Root to the Crown as we learn anatomy, poses that center around the specific chakra, and so much more.  


A note about the "style" of this training: The asana (posture) style of this training could be described as slow flow, rather than vinyasa.  There is a heavy emphasis on the breath (pranayama) and linking movement with breath, but this is not primarily a vinyasa training. Students will learn the traditional "sun salutation" form, but are encouraged to create sequences that focus on balancing the basic elements of physicality,

as well as SLOWING DOWN.  

We have an incredible staff of senior teachers who are so excited and passionate about sharing their yoga knowledge with YOU! Each teacher brings their own unique essence and beliefs about what yoga means.  This creates a beautiful opportunity for you to explore many aspects and vibrations of yoga and decide how your yoga wants to be expressed. 

 Not only do we offer you the opportunity to dive deep into the many aspects that make up the yogic tradition, but also many out-of-the-box breakthrough exercises to connect you to yourself, your voice, and your power in a profound way.  Whether you decide to teach or not, this experience will change the way you look at, and move through the world.

The intimacy of a small group (16 people max) is such a beautiful gift.  By the end of the training, you will truly feel like you have a new soul family. 


This years training will be at the brand new Be Free Healing Center in Ft Collins CO! 

The training will include:

  • Teaching Methodology: posture breakdowns,                                 sequencing, languaging, etc.

  • Anatomy/ Kinesiology 

  • Chakras/ Energetics

  • Philosophy: The Eight Limbs of Yoga & Tantra 

  • History of Yoga 

  • Adjustments/Touch

  • Meditation

  • Intro to Ayurveda

  • Pranayama and Transformational Breathwork

  • Basic Prenatal and Yoga Postures for Disabilities 

  • Expanding the WHAT IS of Yoga

  • Lifestyle/ Nutrition

  • The Business of Yoga

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Experiences of multiple styles of yoga including: Yoga Nidra, Kundalini, Para Yoga, Yin, Partner, and Acro.

Your Teachers

Melanie Lighthouser

Lead Instuctor

Anatomy & Kinesiology

Transformational Experiences

Pose Breakdowns

...and much more

Joe Somodi

Master Class Teacher

Stoking the Internal Fire

The Art of Meditation

Ange Stopperan

Master Class Teacher

Teaching Methodology: Finding Your VOICE

The Business of Yoga: Marketing, Etc.

Patti Shaffer- Sterns

Master Class Teacher

Introduction to Ayurveda

Dr. Corrine Duel-Gentile

Anatomy Breakdown: The Energetics of the Spinal Column

Faith Brandt

Master Class Teacher

Yin Yoga

Jes L. Shultz

Master Class Teacher

Acro Yoga

Dana Ripley

Master Class Teacher

Yoga Nidra

The training will consist of 8 full weekend immersions


2020 Weekend Dates:

Jan 24-26

Feb 21-23

March 27-29

April 24-26

May 29-31

June 26-28

July 24-26

August 14-16 (testing)



Fridays:  6-9pm

Sat: 9am-6pm

Sun 9am-5pm



The Be Free Healing Center

1006 Spring Creek Plaza

Ft Collins CO 80521


In addition to our eight weekends together, students will be asked to take, and adjust, a certain number of outside yoga classes throughout the training; to maintain a regular home practice; to write several papers; to keep up with required reading; and to complete both a written final and final teaching presentation.

In order to receive your 200hr certification, you must complete all required work and demonstrate your competence in your final exams.

More Information:

Please contact Melanie if you are have any questions!

or text/call Melanie@ 970-286-4447

Self- Investment Pricing: 

Total Price of Course:


$500 deposit required to hold your spot.

8-month payment plans available (starting in January).

The History of Root To Rise

2019 brought the 5th graduating class of Root to Rise!

Root To Rise was created in 2015 by Melanie Lighthouser and Sohalia (Nicole) Hussain. With over 20 years of combined yoga teaching experience, the two women set out to create a training that was unique and offered students the opportunity to dive deep within and (re)discover their inner teacher.  In 2017 Sohalia moved away and Melanie decided to continue the Root to Rise tradition with the help of several incredible guest teachers. To date, Root To Rise has certified 46 amazing beings to "go forth and share their light".  We are so proud of each of these humans!