Workshops and Events

We are delighted to once again be offering unique workshops for in-person community participation.  
We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Saturday Aug 8th 9am-11am MST

The Colorado Cacao Collective invites you to join us for an Outdoor Cacao & Sound Ceremony. Our time in Ceremony will be held by the winds, the teachings of Earth Medicine including the plant medicine of Cacao, a Shamanic Inspired Drum Journey , and the sound medicine of sacred instruments including crystal singing bowls, gongs, medicine rattles, guitar and so much more. Lisa and Lauren have a long lasting relationship to the medicines of Cacao and Sound. 

Now more than ever we need to join in the tradition of
Ceremony to remember our loving connection to each other and to our world.

Space Open for 8 participants
Self Investment: $30 Early Bird
$35 -  Day of 

Online Series Begins Sunday Aug 9th 11-1pm MST


Join, Goddess, founder of Sun Seed Community, in a 4-part-series that combines contemplative practice and racial justice. If you are a non-Black bodied person who is looking to unpack their whiteness then this space is for you. 


DAY 1: August 9th Locating Your Inner Wisdom Keeper

Our bodies hold the stories and wisdom of our past lives and ancestral knowledge. During this session, we will locate and define our Inner Wisdom Keepers through group writing, breathe work, and brave discussion.

For more information, including descriptions about days 2,3,4 follow the register now button

Self Investment: $20. 

Saturday,  Aug 15th 6-8:30pm

Join Alexandra Jenkins for an evening of
Be Free Breathwork. This is our studio's signature workshop; an opportunity to feel all your feelings in a safe supportive space while receiving clairity and new awareness. 

We beign with an opening circle explaining the "how to"
of the breathwork breath and why it works so well. Then the breathwork journey lasts for about an hour. Afterwards we have quiet, art procesing time, then closing circle. You can learn more about the Be Free Breathwork process HERE. 

Sign up now  for the Aug 15th evening retreat. 

6 spots open.   $40 Self Investment 

Saturday,  Sept 5th 10AM-1PM MST

Join Hayley Porter for an afternoon of exploring. 
The Holy Female Prostate Gland. Did you know that all women have a prostate gland? It is directly connected to our Vagus Nerve and the truly wondrous healing that comes when we tune into her, is profound. I will guide each woman in a very professional, safe, private and sacred way to learn more about her own anatomy and physiology. In the privacy of your own home, and in the healing container of your sisters, I will help to reconnect you with this profound gland and share with you more on how she can help us to heal, inspire, remember and release.  

$33 Self Investment. 
To learn more about Hayley Porter visit

Introducing an idea for the times:


Immuno- what? That’s right... we’re calling your inner-circle your “Immuno-Pod”. We’ve got an idea we think is pretty fly... we want YOU to feel at ease and comfortable in the studio setting. We know a lot of people have reservations about mixing with others for breath practices... SO, we’re offering a list of possibilities you can share with YOUR immuno-pod!! 
🌈Who’s in your pod? 
Your close friends who you’ve been seeing, and your family. 💚
🌈How many people can join your pod?
Pods can be between 5-15 people. 
🌈Here are a few things we’d love to offer your pod::
🔥MELT: 2hr CBD Restorative Class with Gong Bath 👍👍
🔥 Be Free Breathwork- an inner journey to LET GO, get wild and FREE. 
🔥 Kids classes - we’re SO happy to set up a time for just your group of kiddos. 
🔥Ecstatic Dance
🔥 Cacao Ceremony 

The list is endless... tell us what your pod wants! We are here to serve and we’re SO happy to offer a space of decompression/reset/nurturing .

Text 970-286-4447 or email : to discuss!

Got a Workshop that You'd Love to Share?

We're always adding to our workshop calendar!   

Feel free to reach out to our workshop coordinator Alexandra at