Workshops and Events

We are delighted to once again be offering unique workshops for in-person community participation.  
We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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Fri Dec 3rd


Balance the chakras, the major energy centers of the body, in this 90 minute class integrating gentle yoga, meditation, gemstones, and a crystal sound bowls sound bath. 
In this special winter offering, shift stagnancy and release shadow energy that hinders chakra flow. Receive the gifts of more freedom, balance, and peace for the cooler months ahead. 
limited to 7 in-studio.

$30 self investment


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Sat Dec 4th


Join Joe Somodi for a morning of connecting to the power of mantra! 

This workshop will reintroduce you to the prana shakti of mantra shastra, the science of mantra. You will learn the mystery and powers of mantra, why mantra is important to your life and practice, and how to use it with meditation. You will leave knowing a range of mantras to incorporate into your personal practice.

Open to 7 Participants
Self Investment $45




Sat Dec 4th


Join Erin Doty and Nikki Schmidt for an evening to
nourish your inner light with reiki, and guided meditation with gemstones. Receive hands-on or hands-off Reiki  (upgrading your loving vibration) from Nikki Schmidt.  Release the chaos of 2021, with gentle movement, gemstone energy, and a relaxing guided meditation led by  Erin Doty.
In this offering, we invite you to connect with
your innate healer and inner light to guide you
clearly in 2022

Open to 7 Participants
Self Investment $30



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Sun Dec 5th


Is it time for a reset?  Join Rebecca Rambo for an afternoon of diving inside!

BE FREE Breathwork (TM) uses the natural power of the breath, powerful chakra-attuned music, energetic release work, art, and group processing to help you:

**Release the past and become more powerful in the present

**Access your deep inner wisdom and reclaim your authentic self

**Accelerate your evolution and step into your Sacred Purpose.

In using the breath, we move past the limitations of the Ego mind and the True Self has the opportunity to purge what is no longer needed and shine out BRIGHTER!

Open to 7 Participants
Self Investment $40



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Friday, December 10,

 6:00-7:15 pm.

Ayurveda provides the insight for you to create a life in balance. When taken to your mat, this balance allows you to receive the experiences of your practice in much more profound ways.
In this class: you will leave with an understanding about how Ayurveda and Yoga can be integrated practices, and how you too can experience a more balanced life of harmony, clarity, and expansion through practicing them together.
Fee: $20

Limited to 7 in-studio
Cheryl is an RN, ERYT 500 Hr. Yoga teacher, and a certified Yoga Health & Ayurvedic Coach. Cheryl Has been teaching Yoga for 12 years and has personally experienced the beauty and radical life balance that Yoga and Ayurveda offer. She is passionate about sharing this with devoted Yogis seeking to deepen their practice, expand their well-being and move deeper into a True Self experience..



Saturday Dec. 11th 


Join Reiki Master Nikki Schmidt  for a journey into the magical world of channeling your energy to create ANYTHING! Practice being present with what you feel and connect with life through your heart.
Now is the time to focus your energy on the creating a reality you wish to experience. Empower yourself by tuning into the subtle world of energy around and within you through the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki (Universal Life Force). Learn ways to use hands-on and hands-off techniques.

Limited to 7 in-studio.

Self-investment $123


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Sun Dec 12th


Join Bianca Myers Sun Dec 12th from 2-5pm for an afternoon exploration of sacred sound. Utilizing the gift of our own vibration we can tap into our personal power, heal past trauma and find a deep healing from within. We will begin with a gentle yoga class followed up by a vocal warm up and song circle. Ending our time together with a guided meditation, embracing the silence allowing for the opening from within to settle into our bones.

Limited to 7 in-studio.

Self-investment $35


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Tues Dec 21st


Join Kari Grossman in chanting up the sun on the morning of the Winter Solstice as we welcome back the light and expand our consciousness into awareness of our true universal nature! This traditional Kundalini spiritual practice takes place during Amrit Vela (the time before sunrise) on the Solstice all around the world. Joining the universal mind wave, we atune ourselves to the great shift into the Aquarian Age as the old structures of the Piscean Era are dismantling all around us. 

Click the links below for more details!

limited to 12 in-studio

(vax required for this event)

This is a FREE offering, donations for the studio appreciated.



Tues Dec 21st


Join Melanie for a special bonus class to celebrate and honor Winter Solstice. As we enter into the winter season, the invitation is to find stillness and rest. This one hour practice will be an all-levels, gentle restorative offering to bring you to a place of stillness and peace within.

Regular class passes apply.

Limited to 7 in-studio.

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Saturday Jan 1st 

Join Brenda on New Year's Day to design a personal Intention or Sankalpa (the yogic tradition of a vow to our highest Truth) as your theme for 2022.

In this 2 hour community healing journey, we enter into the heart space of self-love and compassion with restorative yoga and guided meditation. We complete the experience through journaling and small group sharing to set the stage for a new mindset of a truly prosperous new year!

Self Investment $35
Open to 7 In Studio Participants
Also available live on Zoom

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Saturdays 2/12, 3/26, 5/21

Explore the art of transformation through Somatic Experiencing. Join Alexandra Jenkins for a full day of  applying the teachings and practices of Somatic Experiencing to transform your ability to regulate your own nervous system, release the stories stuck in your body, and feel more present, at ease, and hopeful.

Sign up for 1, 2, or all 3 classes. 

Daily Flow: movement practice; Somatic Experiencing lecture and practice;  lunch break; Be Free Breathwork, art processing, and closing circle.

Self Investment: Sliding Scale $80, $135, $165
$40 deposit paid upon sign up, then bring remainder of cash payment day of.  

Open to 8 participants.