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Workshops and Events

Please note our workshop cancelation policy:  We will not process refunds, however you many receive studio credit as long as you cancel 24hours prior to workshop start time. Cancelations with less than 24hours notice do not receive refunds or studio credit. 

Introduction to Bellydance and Hafla.png

Friday Dec. 8th


Join Sadie Marquardt for this fun Intro to Belly Dance Workshop with Hafka.

This workshop will be great for beginners and all levels looking to get moving and shaking. Hafla is Arabic for party! So we will dance from 7-8:45 then have the hafla from 8:45-9:30pm.

After the workshop Sadie will perform for you and invite you in to a little free dance jam to practice the moves and combo you will learn in the workshop.
If you have a drum, bring it for the jam session after!

Self Investment $35


Saturday Dec 9th 



We hope you'll join us for our first Winter Makers Market!  We'll have over 15 different local makers, crafters, and artists selling their creations!


Saturday  Dec. 9

6-9 pm

Join Jayu and KC for this unique Cacao and Sound Healing Journey. The Sanskrit word 'Visranti' carries a beautiful meaning of repose. It signifies the act of finding rest in the serene foundation of our being, where one can experience true connection and a constant flow of presence.

This offering combines the powerful heart-opening properties of cacao with the total immersion of your vessel in an ocean of sound waves emanating from gongs, flutes, crystal and metal singing bowls, drums and more. We will begin with a ceremony to honor and receive the magic of cacao.  It will prepare our bodies, minds & spirits for a sonic journey that will bathe your entire being in healing vibrations. After our Cacao ceremony, we set ourselves up in a supported, reclined, or traditional Savasana (corpse pose), to experience the sound healing.

Self-investment cost is $40.


Sunday Dec 10th



Join Eric Bellis  for the Be Free Men's Circle. This Men’s circle is intended to be a place for men to come together to engage in important and difficult conversations. To share authentically, be heard and to feel supported by their brothers in community. This conversational workshop will be guided by group participation in brave conversation and active listening. We will be exploring difficult topics related to the male experience with reverence and gratitude.
Anyone who self-identifies as male is welcome.

Self Investment $10


Friday Dec. 15

Welcome to Introspection, a blindfolded slow-flow yoga practice with guided meditation, journaling, and sound healing incorporated to help you turn inward and soften into a state of peace and relaxation.

Join Alisha as we prepare for winter and turn inward to give back to your body, mind, and spirit by slowing down and connecting to the harmonizing vibrations of sound. With the usage of Tibetan singing bowls and the gong, this practice will help provide a sense of relaxation, reduce stress, and promote stillness.

Come connect to the deeply calming currents of winter and decompress as we move into a season of hibernation!

Please bring a journal, pen, and blindfold (studio has some to share)


$20 Self Investment

returning to the heart-2.jpg

Saturday Dec 16th 



You're invited to join Melanie Lighthouser for this 2hr ALL Levels Yoga class to keep the heart space burning bright through the long nights.
Enjoy a unique mix of pranayama, asana, meditation, deep rest, and community for this solstice-inspired reset.

$20 Self Investment


Saturday Dec 16th 



Nourish yourself with an in depth 2 hour yinyasa practice The practice of yin focuses on our joints, fascia, and connective tissues with maximum benefit found when the muscles of the body are cold, or inactive.

This class will begin with an hour of yin, followed by an hour of an active and accessible yang flow style practice to release stuck energy in the body. This workshop will serve as a deep dive introduction for Madison's new 75 minute yinyasa class on
Fridays at 4pm.

Self Investment: $20

Aquarian sadhana-3.jpg

Thursday Dec. 21




Join Kari Grossman, in chanting up the sun on the morning of the Winter Solstice to welcome back the light and expand our consciousness into awareness of our true universal nature. This traditional Kundalini spiritual practice takes place during Amrit Vela (the time before sunrise) on the Winter Solstice all around the world. Joining the universal mind wave, we atune ourselves to the great shift into the Aquarian Age as the old structures of the Piscean Era are dismantling all around us. The practice begins with the recitation of Japji, a spiritual poem from Sikh scripture that carries the frequency of enlightenment (30 min), followed by a Kundalini Yoga Kriya set (30 min), followed by the recitation of 7 the Aquarian mantras (1.5 hours). Come prepared for a quiet, focused practice with something warm to cover your head and shoulders. Blankets and mats available in studio.

Self Investment: donation-based

Wheel of the Year Celebrations YULE.png

Thursday Dec. 21


Join Celia, a CYT, doula-trained, moon-howling witch as we journey our way through the 8 sacred witch holidays or Sabbats. We’ll make our way around the Wheel of the Year by meeting on the solar and lunar holidays. 

We meet to celebrate the Earth in all of her many cycles, and remember the magick of the ever-repeating pattern of life, death and rebirth.

This first class will celebrate YULE. This is our time to CELEBRATE. Our time to rejoice in the returning of the light and the shortest day of the year ! Typically consisting of a 13 day party, we’ll meet on the second day to start off our year. We’ll join together for a white elephant gift exchange **PLEASE BRING A $10 WRAPPED GIFT** and a plant and Crystal ritual to call in our intentions for the year.

Self Investment: $33

Resonance  A Somatic Sound Experience.png

Saturday Dec 23rd



Join Lindsey Hess for an evening of resonant sound vibration.  Are you interested in meditation but don't know where to start? Do you desire to go deeper into mind and body connected practices?

In this workshop, you will be guided through gentle somatic movement and breathing technique in order to help clear any stagnant energy within the body. Lindsay will then guide you into a restorative resting option where you can begin to drift off into sound.

Crystal bowls, gongs, drums, chimes and vocals are integrated with an intentional structure to help settle the consciousness into deeper awareness. Allow the resonant frequency to move into areas of the body to dissolve stress and flush the nervous system. Some bolsters and blankets will be provided. Please bring anything you would like to make yourself more comfortable. 

Self investment: $30

Music, Meditation, and Group Energy Healing with Dominick Antonelli.png

Friday Dec. 29



Join Dominick Antonelli for a relaxing,
rejuvenating and contemplative evening of meditation, optional Acudetox (Ear Acupuncture), group energy healing, and instrumental guitar, all wrapped into one beautiful offering.
Bring a friend, a journal and at least one challenge you'd like support with.

The evening will start with Acudetox upon settling into the space, then a short guided visualization/meditation to release stress/tension in the body and mind. As we finish up releasing any stress and tension, Dominick will begin with group energy healing that will lead into peaceful, melodic instrumental guitar music. We look forward to having you here! 

Self Investment: $20


Sunday Dec. 31

Release and Renew! Join Alexandra Jenkins and Melanie Lighthauser  for a New Year's Eve breathwork and the kick off to our Conscious New Year's Eve Celebration! 

We all have stories and experiences that hold us back in life. We understand that stress and trauma play a large role in how we show up in the world. Be Free Breathwork is our opportunity to go inside and meet the parts of ourselves that didn’t get what they needed, and re-establish connection.

Letting go of the old requires us to be curious about what’s present. Be Free Breathwork gives us the opportunity to feel that which we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel, and complete old, stuck responses in the nervous system that have kept us replaying the same patterns over and over.

Self Investment: $40

YinRestorative Yoga & Live Musical Medicine-5.png

Sunday Dec. 31

Join Vajra Yogini and Alexandra Jenkins for this very special 90min yin/restorative practice with live musical accompaniment . This workshop will replace the Restorative and Gong Bath class just for this evening.

Yin/Restortive yoga offers us the opportunity to slow down, breathe, and receive nurturing stillness. Alexandra will lead the movement practice, beginning with gentle, fluid movement to help you unwind from the day and get connected to your body. Then you will move into a traditional yin/restorative practice with
3-5min hold times (with optional props); giving you the opportunity to rest and experience the medicine of live, intentional music played by Vajra.

The music that will accompany this class is an offering of the practice of Nada yoga. Nada means the flow of sound and Yoga means Union. Nada Yoga is the process of the union of the individual mind with Cosmic Consciousness through the flow of sounds. Nada Yoga works as medicine and therapy, and can help you lead and healthy, happy, and balanced life..

Space Open to 20 participants
Self Investment: $20


New Year’s Eve Ecstatic Dance.png

Sunday Dec. 31


Ring in the New Year with Ecstatic Dance! 


Join KC for a special New Year's Eve get down! We'll have a brief check-in and breathwork session and then get down!
This dance space is a no-talking, no alcohol, no shoe zone... come enjoy moving your body in community and ring in the new year with intention!

Space Open to 20 people!

*pre registration required. we will turn you away at the door when space is full*

$20 self-investment

guided breathwork journey-4.jpg

Monday Jan 1st


Join Melanie Lighthouser for a New Years Recalibration! She'll take you on a journey through the seven chakras with a unique mix of guided breath, asana, sound, free movement, and stillness. Explore the elemental energies of the body in this fun and profound experience.
All bodies welcome!
Space for 18
$25 self-investment

love, peace, and joy.jpg

Sunday Jan 7th


Join Faith Brandt & Melanie Lighthouser for a nurturing 2 hour yin experience. Faith will guide you in a nourishing Yin yoga class, while Melanie adds the healing touch of massage during those long held postures. Fully deepen into a relaxing state and leave felling rested and peaceful.
Self Investment: $40
Space Open to 15 Participants

Imbolc Day Retreat.jpg

Sat Feb 3rd


at Drala Mountain Center in Redfeather

Join Alexandra & Melanie for a day of celebrating the 1/2 way point between Winter & Spring. 

We'll start with a nurturing yoga practice taught by Melanie & accompanied by music from Alexandra, then lunch (provided), followed by a cacao ceremony and journal time for reflection.  We'll finish the day with a Be Free Breathwork session.

Self Investment: $105 

registration through the Drala website. Click the button to sign up!

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