Workshops and Events

We are delighted to once again be offering unique workshops for in-person community participation.  
We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Join Amanda Atkinson and Amy Speck for an evening of Breath.Dance online or in person. Breath.Dance  events are a fusion of guided breathwork, ecstatic dance and guided visualization paired with intentionally produced soundscapes and content. It is the grounded medicine of primal connection to our humanness. 

This interactive journey follows an arc that begins in stillness and breath and surges to full ecstatic movement to grow Prana and excite your cells and then slowly descends back into stillness for reflection. Please dress to empower yourself in movement. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during the event!

In person open to 7 participants.
$44 Self Investment

e or in person. 


Join Melanie Lighthouser and Allison Dennis for a very special live-music yoga class to welcome spring, revive your spirit, and nurture your body & mind.  Melanie will lead the asana, as Allison soothes and calms your nervous system with Sanskrit lullabies and heavenly mantras.


From 2010-2018 Allison owned and operated Heart of Yoga School in North Carolina where she designed and taught three distinct yoga teacher trainings culminating in the 800 hour Veda Vinyasa Training Program. Her passion is Indian music and sharing the power of mantra. More here about Allison!

In person open to 7 participants.
$25 Self Investment for In-studio

Sliding-scale drop in for online.

Regular class passes & memberships apply for online option.

e or in person. 

Sunday April 18th - In Studio 
12-5pm MST

You are invited to play!
Join Nikki for a journey into the magical world of channeling your energy to create ANYTHING!  Empower yourself by tuning into the subtle world of energy around and within you through the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki (Universal Life Force)
Receive an Attunement to open the energy channel to receive Universal Energy Love flow helping create easy flow when practicing Reiki.

Self-Investment: $123

FLASH SALE - $77 when you sign up before April 12th! 

Open to 6 Participants:


Saturday April 24th 6-9pm 


Hey Men!  Could you use a space to let go and reset?  Join Alexandra for a night of diving inside through our signature offering of Be Free Breathwork.

 In using the breath, we move past the limitations of the Ego mind and the Self has the opportunity to purge what is no longer needed!

Where ever you are on the path of clarity, this process will bring you grounding, and purpose. 

Self-Investment: $40
Open to 7 Participants

Friday May 7th, 21st, 28th

In-Studio or Online 

Join Erin Doty, for Yoga For Pelvic Health. This class is offered singularly or as a series, for those seeking a greater understanding of pelvic anatomy and how to navigate spinal and pelvic discomfort.  Explore how posture and pelvic health affects breathing, focus, balance, and stress responses. In this series, you will learn about pelvic and spinal energy centers. Learn greater body awareness and impactful inquiries for enhanced joy. 

Single Session: $30
Class Series: $75
(must purchase before May 7th)


In Studio Open to 7 participants

In In

Introducing an idea for the times:


Immuno- what? That’s right... we’re calling your inner-circle your “Immuno-Pod”. We’ve got an idea we think is pretty fly... we want YOU to feel at ease and comfortable in the studio setting. We know a lot of people have reservations about mixing with others for breath practices... SO, we’re offering a list of possibilities you can share with YOUR immuno-pod!! 
🌈Who’s in your pod? 
Your close friends who you’ve been seeing, and your family. 💚
🌈How many people can join your pod?
Pods can be between 3-6 people. 
🌈Here are a few things we’d love to offer your pod::
🔥MELT: 2hr CBD Restorative Class with Gong Bath 👍👍
🔥 Be Free Breathwork- an inner journey to LET GO, get wild and FREE. 

From Sound To Light: Mantra & Chanting w/ Alexandra 
🔥 Kids classes - we’re SO happy to set up a time for just your group of kiddos. 
🔥Ecstatic Dance

The list is endless... tell us what your pod wants! We are here to serve and we’re SO happy to offer a space of decompression/reset/nurturing .

Text 970-286-4447 or email : to discuss!

July 2021- March 2022

Online Via Zoom 

Join Alexandra Jenkins  for her signature program
Dancing With Shadows; a 9 month group journey for women 
through the four bodies and 7 chakras of shadow work.  
You will receive a step by step process for looking at many aspects of yourself to determine where your blocks and resistances are.  During this program you will change habits, stop destructive patters, and take better care of yourself.  Experience a supportive group of soul sisters all showing up for their growth journey together. 

How much will change for you when you dedicate 
9 full months  to yourself, and your inner personal healing, happiness, and refinement journey. 

Schedule your FREE group consultation NOW! 


Got a Workshop that You'd Love to Share?

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