Workshops and Events

We are delighted to once again be offering unique workshops for in-person community participation.  
We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Saturday March 6th
10-3pmMST In Studio

Join Nikki Schmidt for Reiki Level  1 Certification. You are invited to play! Are you curious about energy? Do you feel other people's emotions? Do you desire more clarity, connection, love? Join Nikki for a journey into the magical world of channeling your energy to create ANYTHING! Practice being present with what you feel and connect with life through your heart. Inviting ourselves to experience from the heart opens us up to receive more of life’s gifts. Tune into the subtle world of energy around and within you through the Japanese Art of Reiki (Universal Life Force). Learn ways to use hands-on and hands-off techniques with yourself and others

Self-Investment: $123
Open to 6 participants

 Friday March 5th
6-8:30pm MST


Canceled this month due to no signups.

Friday, March 12th  
6-9pm MST - In studio


Join Alexandra Jenkins IN STUDIO  for an evening men's breathwork circle. This is an opportunity to deep dive inside to clear resistance, cultivate compassion, and reconnect to center. What old voices have kept you from being your most powerful self? What parts of you have you shut down? How transformative would it be to be able to LET GO and move into the space of self awareness and personal power? BE FREE Breathwork (TM) uses the natural power of the breath, powerful music, energetic release work, and group processing to help you: 

Self Investment Price: $40
Space open to 6 

Friday March 19


Join Missy Whaley in studio to bring in the Spring
through a guided somatic movement journey
that will allow your soul to rise!
All levels welcome.
Bring yourself with no expectations.
Missy has been leading improvisational movement classes for 25 years. Her passion is to provide a space where all people can spill out the dance inside them to BLOOM! Self 

Investment $40
Space Open to 6 participants

 Saturday March 20th 
6-9pm MST


Join Melanie Lighthouser IN STUDIO for afternoon deep dive inside to clear away resistance, cultivate creativity, and stay connected to center.  BE FREE Breathwork (TM) uses the natural power of the breath, powerful chakra-attuned music, energetic release work, and art to help you: **Release the past and become more powerful in the present **Access your deep inner wisdom and reclaim your authentic self **Accelerate your evolution and step into your Sacred Purpose. In using the breath, we move past the limitations of the Ego mind and the True Self has the opportunity to purge what is no longer needed and shine out BRIGHTER!

Self Investment Price: $40
Space open to 6 particpants

 Saturday March 27th - ONLINE
12-3pm MST


Join Baheya for an afternoon of cooking Middle Eastern food, and using spices from around the globe that are nurturing and healing to the soul.  Indulge in the deliciousness of cooking Middle Eastern cuisine TOGETHER. When you register, you'll receive an email with an ingredients list to purchase BEFORE our class, so make sure to SIGN UP EARLY!
After our workshop, you'll receive the full recipe so that you can reproduce this amazing dish again and again. I look forward to sharing an afternoon of COOKING together (from my kitchen to yours!), LAUGHTER, and INFUSING our food with LOVE.

Self Investment Price: $40


Sunday March 28th - In Studio or Online
2-5pm MST

Join Alexandra for a late afternoon exploration of Shadow Work. Some spiritual practices focus solely on love, and light as if our  darkness and discomfort can be avoided with enough crystals, essential oils, and positive affirmations. Here, you will discover: What is Shadow, What is Shadow Work, How it is done, Why we should practice it, And who it is for. Come to experience a loosening within the places of resistance, pain, fear, anxiety, anger, and Trauma/trauma. With shadow work we don't cast out the disowned pieces of ourselves once and for all, we invite them into the heart to be seen, loved, witnessed, expressed, and nurtured. This is the truest form of self love and self care. 

Studio Participation open to 6
Online open to any

Self Investment $25

Introducing an idea for the times:


Immuno- what? That’s right... we’re calling your inner-circle your “Immuno-Pod”. We’ve got an idea we think is pretty fly... we want YOU to feel at ease and comfortable in the studio setting. We know a lot of people have reservations about mixing with others for breath practices... SO, we’re offering a list of possibilities you can share with YOUR immuno-pod!! 
🌈Who’s in your pod? 
Your close friends who you’ve been seeing, and your family. 💚
🌈How many people can join your pod?
Pods can be between 3-6 people. 
🌈Here are a few things we’d love to offer your pod::
🔥MELT: 2hr CBD Restorative Class with Gong Bath 👍👍
🔥 Be Free Breathwork- an inner journey to LET GO, get wild and FREE. 

From Sound To Light: Mantra & Chanting w/ Alexandra 
🔥 Kids classes - we’re SO happy to set up a time for just your group of kiddos. 
🔥Ecstatic Dance

The list is endless... tell us what your pod wants! We are here to serve and we’re SO happy to offer a space of decompression/reset/nurturing .

Text 970-286-4447 or email : to discuss!

Got a Workshop that You'd Love to Share?

We're always adding to our workshop calendar!   

Feel free to reach out to our workshop coordinator Alexandra at