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Workshops and Events

Please note our workshop cancelation policy:  We will not process refunds, however you many receive studio credit as long as you cancel 24hours prior to workshop start time. Cancelations with less than 24hours notice do not receive refunds or studio credit.  If the studio cancels due to low attendance or facilitator need, our preference is to issue studio credit.


Friday May 24th


In communal singing, we release the expectation of being a "good singer" and instead focus on sharing our voices and creating sounds together. We step into our voices not to perform but to find connection and belonging. In this song circle, we'll explore a simple song together to build our confidence as a group, and then we'll open the circle to any participants who would like to lead a song. If you feel called, you can create your own short song to share!
What to bring: Drums or percussion instruments if you have them. Option to bring or create a song (preferably one that is simple and easy for others to learn) if you would like to lead one!
Price: $25


Saturday May 25th


this event has been postponed due to Celia being sick :(

spinal energetics.png

Saturday May 25th


Spinal Energetics is a somatic healing modality created by Dr. Sarah Jane. It combines Western medicine principles with Eastern energetic practices to gently restore energy flow to your spine and throughout your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul bodies. Spinal Energetics acts as a catalyst to “lift the rug” and assist in the integration of life’s experiences. The practitioner will access points along the spine using breath, body signals, and divine guidance to locate where the tension bound pattern (stagnant energy) is being held within the body. 
*Reiki, Tarot, and Ambiance included
This is a moderately hands-on experience but can be done completely hands-off to meet your comfort needs.
Maximum 8 Participants
Self Investment $22.22



Saturday May 25th


Shed your layers and join your sisters in this empowering, body-positive, candlelit circle led by Madison Annette. We'll use gentle movements, self-massage, stretches, and dance to honor our bodies and our feminine energy. Anyone who self-identifies as a woman is welcome.
What to bring: **Please bring a robe or coverup for our disrobing ceremony, and your favorite soft blanket for savasana.**
Self Investment: $30

Ancestral Healing.jpg

Sunday May 26th


Join Kari Grady-Grossman for this introductory workshop explaining how ancestral healing works and embodied ritual practice to explore the pathway into relationship with your people. Kari is a certified practitioner of Ancestral Lineage Healing, a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and ritualist. Kari is an adoptive parent of two adult children from India and Cambodia. She is dedicated to helping all people reclaim connection to their ancestors as a source of healing for individuals and families and to effect cultural repair. She specializes in Ancestral Healing for Adoptive Families, even when the biological family is unknown.
Online (or in-person)
Date: May 26th
Time: 1-3PM
Cost: $25


Sunday May 26th 



This Men’s circle is intended to be a place for men to come together to engage in important and difficult conversations. To share authentically, be heard and to feel supported by their brothers in community. This conversational workshop will be guided by group participation in brave conversation and active listening. We will be exploring difficult topics related to the male experience with reverence and gratitude.

Anyone who self-identifies as male is welcome.

Self Investment $10

Sacred Cacao Ceremony (2).png

Friday May 31st 



Sacred Cacao Ceremony:
Come be a part of this awakening at Be Free Healing with Edwin and Brianna, who have come from their community down in Colombia, El Tejido, to share their medicine with us.

Bring your intentions and prayers as we join together for a night of ceremony with cacao, sharing word, prayers, and songs as we weave community and connect with ourselves and each other with the guidance of this plant teacher.

Date Friday May 31, 2024

Time6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Self Investment: $40


Saturday June 1st


In this months 2hr ALL LEVELS Slow Flow deep-dive we move into Vishuddha, the throat chakra and explore the power of sound, words, communication and refinement of speech. Expect gentle asana, pranayama, sounding, chanting, and more!

All are welcome
$20 self investment

JUNE- Reconnect with the sacred body.png

Saturday June 1st


This trauma-informed donation-based class is focused solely on nourishing your nervous system, giving you an opportunity to attune to your inner Source, and remember your connection.
We will provide AcuWellness; a 5-point ear acupuncture, Gong Sound and Singing bowls, along with bite-sized doses of nervous system information to support your movement on this planet.
This offering will also center around the book, ‘The Way of the Rose’ highlighting short excerpts as an additional layer to be absorbed and remembered within the body.

Bring cash/check donation or Venmo @twosandhills.

All donations will go to The Palestinian Children's Relief Fund 
Class max 18 people

Sacred Alchemy (1).png

Sunday June2nd

2-5 pm

Healing is holding space for both light and dark, feeling difficult feelings, allowing your pain to be present, while simultaneously cultivating joy. In this workshop we will dance with duality, embracing all of who we are.

We’ll begin with opening circle, followed by a guided meditation where you are invited to let whatever is at the surface be here without judgement and lean into the embrace of all your parts, practicing being a safe place for those parts of you to be seen, heard, held, and loved. We will be compassionately connecting with wounded parts of ourself that carry so many gifts and wisdom, waiting to be unearthed by your love. During this time I will be offering indigenous blessings and clearings with sacred tools while you’re journeying inwards.

The medicine is within you, the medicine is you.
Self Investment $30

JUNE- Psychedelic Integration & Story Telling Circle.png

Sunday June 2nd

7:30-8:45 pm

You are invited to Be Free’s monthly Psychedelic Integration and Story Telling Circle. Join KC and Jayu for an evening of sharing your stories of healing through psychedelic medicine. This circle is offered in support of plant medicine, to educate the public, and build community around the psychedelic reform movement. You are welcome to join this circle if you have your own psychedelic experiences and stories to share, or if you are just simply curious about the medicine and healing available through these experiences. All are welcome who come with an open mind and heart felt curiosity. Please note that under no circumstances will there be any psychedelic medicine consumed, offered, sold, or shared on the premises.

Self Investment - Donation

June- Breathwork.png

Saturday June 8th

6:00-9:00 pm

Is it time for a re-set? Join Marti Bruening & Jillian Bieritz from 6-9pm for an evening of commUnity, and a deep dive inside to clear away resistance, cultivate creativity, and stay connected to center.
We all have stories and experiences that hold us back in life. We understand that stress and trauma play a large role in how we show up in the world. Be Free Breathwork is our opportunity to go inside and meet the parts of ourselves that didn’t get what they needed, and re-establish connection. Letting go of the old requires us to be curious about what’s present.
In our three hours together we will have an opening circle, a 1hr breathwork experience, quiet journaling/art integration time, and a brief closing circle.
Please bring the following: a sleeping bag or comforter, a pillow, an eye mask (if you have one), a journal, and a snack.
Self Investment: $40

June- Naked Ecstatic Dance (1).png

Friday June 14th

7:00-9:00 pm

When women gather with bared bodies and open hearts, ancient primal energies are awakened from deep within our bones. If your inner witch is longing for wildness, join us for a night of unclothed, uninhibited expression. Hostesses KC and Kristen will hold safe space for free movement and will provide a sultry, fiery, and fun playlist to stoke your goddess energy. We'll begin with optional cacao and a clothed check-in circle, and then as the music starts we'll invite the layers to come off. We'll dance and sing together, and after a closing circle we'll nourish our bodies with light refreshments.

Open to all who identify as women.

What to bring: Wear clothes that you'll enjoy stripping off. Bring anything you'd like to dance with (for example, wraps/scarves, flowers, feathers, or reasonably sized flow toys) and a blanket or robe for coziness during closing circle.

Price: $25

Kirtan - June.png


Saturday June 15th

11:30-1:00 pm

Join Alexandra & Jayu for Be Free Kirtan, Saturday June 15th 11:30-1:00pm at The Be Free Healing Center. We'll be coming together with a practice of mindful singing and chanting of sacred mantra.

Price: $25



Saturday June 15th

6:00-9:00 pm

Join Jayu and KC Trujillo Saturday June 15th from 6-9pm for this unique Cacao and Sound Healing Journey. The Sanskrit word 'Visranti' carries a beautiful meaning of repose. It signifies the act of finding rest in the serene foundation of our being, where one can experience true connection and a constant flow of presence.

This offering combines the powerful heart-opening properties of cacao with the total immersion of your vessel in an ocean of sound waves emanating from gongs, flutes, crystal and metal singing bowls, drums and more.

After our Cacao ceremony, we set ourselves up in a supported, reclined, or traditional Savasana (corpse pose), to experience the sound healing.

Self-investment cost is $40.

Pop Up Class series!!.png


Sunday June 16th

8:00-9:30 am

Hi BeFree!

Darin here. I'm excited to offer a morning Kundalini Fusion class the first Sunday of the next three months starting April 7th. We'll have an hour and a half to explore a fun, invigorating, nurturing sequence utilizing a combination of pranayama(breathing exercises), asana (yogic postures), and meditation. Kundalini, out of the box!
I invite all humans, all shapes and all sizes to join us for a quality reset. Hope to see you there. "
Save the dates! April 7, may 5, and June 16

Death Doula Series.png

Sunday June 16th

10:00-2:00 pm

The truth of the matter is that we all are going to transition at some point in our lives. And likely we will be with others as they make their way from form to formless, this is a sacred rite of passage. These special moments should be celebrated with love and acceptance, as an honor to be in the presence of one who makes this shift.

Together we will explore the parts of ourselves that need to be seen to make our end-of-life transitions SOMETHING TO BE REMEMBERED! SOMETHING MAGICAL and THOUGHTFUL.

This is a series, and it is recommended that you plan to participate in all 6 classes. We will be creating a roadmap for the B3M (Best 3 Months) practice as well as creating a legacy project. We will cover the 5 domains and several other avenues of end-of-life transitions.

SERIES DATES: JUNE 16 & 30 JULY 14 & 27 AUG 11 & 25
Self-Investment: $65
Series Discount: $350 (IF PAID IN FULL)

Song Circle - JUNE (1).png


Sunday June 16th

2:00-3:30 pm

The Power of Song!
A singing circle is a gathering of folks who come together to share their voices in song and it’s more than just singing! It’s about fostering connection, enhancing spiritual awareness, and creating a supportive community.

It’s about creating an environment where we can connect deeply with what matters most ~ community, the turning of the seasons, and finding harmony within us.

We will begin with a short grounding practice and check-in and then we will sing! I will provide lyrics for everyone to follow along.

No prior singing experience necessary to join us. This event is open to all beings!

Price: $20

Wheel of the Year Celebrations YULE-6.png


Thursday June 20th 


Join Celia, a CYT, doula-trained, moon-howling witch as we journey our way through the 8 sacred witch holidays or Sabbats. We’ll make our way around the Wheel of the Year by meeting on the solstices, the equinoxes, (the solar holidays) and the days in between (the lunar holidays).

LITHA - It is SUMMER ! The longest day of the year ! We celebrate by giving thanks to the SUN and staying in it for as much of the day as possible. Together we will work on drawing rituals, fun with paint and making flower crowns ! **PLEASE WEAR A SHIRT THAT YOU DO NOT MIND GETTING MESSY**

Self Investment: $33

PRIDE Event-5.jpg


Fri Night June 21st

Come celebrate PRIDE month with us! We love our  LGBTQ+ community and we're so happy to offer this special evening of  celebrating all forms of love and self-expression! 

4-5:15pm Madison Annette will lead a special YinYasa class.

5-7:30pm - games and food trucks on the lawn! 

7:30-9:30pm Ecstatic Dance & Gong Bath with KC Trujillo 

Music, Meditation, and Group Energy Healing with Dominick Antonelli-5.png

Saturday June 22

Join Dominick Antonelli  for a relaxing, rejuvenating and contemplative evening of meditation, optional Acudetox (Ear Acupuncture), group energy healing, and instrumental guitar, all wrapped into one beautiful offering. Bring a friend, a journal and at least one challenge you'd like support with.

The evening will start with Acudetox upon settling into the space, then a short guided visualization/meditation to release stress/tension in the body and mind. As we finish up releasing any stress and tension, Dominick will begin with group energy healing that will lead into peaceful, melodic instrumental guitar music. We look forward to having you here!

Self Investment: $20

Visranti Yin Yoga and Sound Meditation-2.png


Sunday June 23

2:00-3:30 pm

The Sanskrit word 'Visranti' carries a beautiful meaning of repose. It signifies the act of finding rest in the serene foundation of our being, where one can experience true connection and a constant flow of presence.

Join Jayu Das and KC Trujillo  to experience the softer side of sound healing during this 90 minute exploration of movement and sound. This is a different offering than the full sound and cacao offering. In this practice, for the first 40 minutes you will be guided through a gentle practice combining pranayama and yin yoga postures to help quiet the mind and settle the body, eventually arriving to an extended savasana as a calming wave of sonic vibrations wash over you and help you to deepen into a meditative state for the remainder of our time together.

Self Investment: $30

Be Free Men's Group-12.png


Sunday June 23

Join Eric Bellis on Sunday June 23rd 4-5:30pm. This Men’s circle is intended to be a place for men to come together to engage in important and difficult conversations. To share authentically, be heard and to feel supported by their brothers in community. This conversational workshop will be guided by group participation in brave conversation and active listening. We will be exploring difficult topics related to the male experience with reverence and gratitude.
Anyone who self-identifies as male is welcome.

Self Investment $10

conscious cannabis in-home un-wind-8.jpg


Friday  July 5th


Join Melanie Lighthouser and Bianca Myers for an opportunity to experience Be Free Breathwork with the mindful addition of cannabis.
It is our desire to give you the opportunity to connect consciously to yourself, the medicine, and your breath. We will have a longer music set of 1.5hrs to journey deeper into self and plenty of art/journal time afterwards.
We ask that you arrive SOBER for opening circle. This is a BOYC (bring your own cannabis) event!
We will have a brief opening circle in which we discuss the mindful use of this plant medicine and then we will set intentions before ingesting together and dropping into the journey.
We ask for mindfulness around your transportation to/from the studio. Ideally you are getting picked up afterwards. Please call/text 970-286-4447 with any questions. This offering is designed for those who are regular or occasional cannabis users.
Self investment $40.
Please bring: comfy blankets, pillows, an eye mask if you have one, and a snack to ground you after breathing. Must be over 21 to attend.

Flow & play the art of dot mandalas-3.jpg


Saturday July 6th


Join Melanie & Emma for this fun evening of creativity and exploration!
We will provide a black 8x8 canvas and grid as well as all the tools/supplies to create a mandala!
We'll also have tables set up to bring ease to the body as you create!
Space is limited to 15.
Self-Investment $40

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