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Candlelight Cacao, Breath,

Gong Bath &Ecstatic Dance

w/ Lisa Eaton & Melanie Lighthouser
Fri Jan 17th 7-9 pm

Join Lisa Eaton of The Colorado Cacao Collective and Melanie Lighthouser for an evening of connecting to the medicine of the heart! Lisa will guide us in receiving pure Guatemalan cacao and then Melanie will lead everyone into a brief breathwork practice/ gong bath to activate the medicine. We will then shift into ecstatic dance for about 45minutes. Come receive this beautiful plant and allow yourself to open to the gift of community, dance, and play.

Glands Are The Guardians: Addiction

A Kundalini Yoga Practice

w/ Laurel Carter
Sat Jan 18th 11am-1pm

The nature and severity of addiction has to do with a combination of things: genetics, background, environment, influence, food allergies - many. The teachings of Kundalini Yoga show us that the root cause is the imbalance between the pituitary and pineal gland.This workshop will focus on the relationship between these two glands, providing tangible and experiential evidence to shed light on the growing number of individuals finding Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan as the vehicle to remember the inner strength necessary to move through and past addiction.

Sacred Pregnancy Dance Yoga

w/ Heather Stanley
Saturday Jan 18th  2pm-3:30pm

Combining Prenatal Yoga, pelvic balancing postures, meditation, self-care, belly dance and creative movement for all stages of pregnancy.More About Heather Stanley: Heather has been working with pregnancy for 20 years. She is a Holistic Doula, a certified Prenatal Massage therapist, a Spinning Babies Aware Bodywork Practitioner, a Postpartum Birth Recovery specialist, a prenatal yoga teacher, and a mother. She specializes in helping baby to achieve an optimal position for labor. 

Zen & Pen: Mindful Movement & Writing

w/ Thomas VonSpeers
Sat Jan 18th  6:30m-8:30pm

Join Thomas Von Speers for a night of embodied expression through the arts of movement and writing. Self Investment: $20

Dancing With Shadows - Day Intensive

w/ Alexandra Jenkins
Sunday Jan 19th  10am-5pm

FULL DAY Intensive to learn the spiritual ART of shadow work. 

Take your self care practice to the next level by inviting even your shadow

to be loved. Within this workshop, receive practices, tools, and ritual to

honor the unconscious shadow. Leave feeling more self aware,

embodied, EMPOWERED, and open.  This day includes blindfolded movement,  individualized practices, discussion, and Transformational Breathwork.  Bring your journal and some lunch. $55 self investment. 

Root To Rise 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

w/ Melanie Lighthouser
One Weekend a Month for 8 Months
Begins Jan 24th


You are invited on a sacred journey of self discovery, expansion, learning, and growth. 

Through our eight months together, you will not only deepen your connection to your inner-guidance system, but you will also have the opportunity to cultivate a new and profound relationship with your physicality. 

You will receive the tools to share this practice in a way that is unique, safe, and authentic to you and your body.

Root Down: An Intermediate Practice

w/ Melanie Lighthouser
Sat Jan 25th  9am-10:30am

As part of our Yoga Teacher Training, we're making a small number of spots in our asana practices available to the public. This class will focus on the Root Chakra and the elements of grounding, support, and stability. Join Melanie Lighthouser and our current YTT's for this intermediate practice

Candlelight Mantra, Movement 


w/ Bianca Myers
Sat Jan 25th 7-9pm

Together we will explore the benefits of mantra, conscious breathing, movement & stillness. Through community we will share the effects of the healing vibration of sound being created from the inside out. As one we invite the flow of fresh prana into our bodies to re-ignite every cell of our being. Lastly, in stillness we sit... to hear the messages that the universe holds.

Root Down 2:

An Intermediate Practice

w/ Alexandra Jenkins
Sun Jan 26th 9-10:30am

As part of our Yoga Teacher Training, we're making a small number of spots in our asana practices available to the public. This class will focus on the Root Chakra and the elements of grounding, support, and stability. Join Alexandra Jenkins and our current YTT's for this intermediate practice.

Transformational Breathwork for TEENS:

Let that S#%T Go!

w/ Melanie Lighthouser &  Alexandra Jenkins
Friday Jan 31st 6-9:30pm

Being a teenager these days is INTENSE!  We'd like to offer you a letting-go place.  A place to feel your emotions, where you won't be judged. A place to LET GO, be WILD, and EXPRESS YOURSELF.  Learn to use your breath to change how you feel! 

Fundamentals of The Wim Hof Method

& Cold Immersion

w/ Michael McTate
Sat Feb 1st 12-4pm

Ready to change with your life? Start with an introduction to the world renowned, scientifically endorsed Wim Hof Method! Learn to tap into your hidden powers by harnessing the power of oxygen and cold! Join us for an introduction to the Fundamentals of the Wim Hof Method, led by Certified Instructor Michael T. McTate.

Story Circle

w/ Sierra Frost
Sat Feb 1st 5-6:30pm

Humans have always gathered around the fire to tell stories. We use stories to connect, to be seen, and to entertain.  Whether your story is funny, heartbreaking, or ordinary, it matters and we want to hear it. Story Circle is a place to simply sit in a circle and share one story at a time.

Transformational Breathwork

Morning Jump-Start

w/ Nikki Schmidt
Sun Feb 2nd 10-1:30pm

Is it time for a re-set? Join Nikki Schmidt to start your day in commUnity, and a with a deep dive inside to clear away resistance, cultivate creativity, and stay connected to center. What old voices have kept you from being your most authentic, powerful self? What parts of you have you shut down because you or someone else judged them as “not good enough”? How transformative would it be to LET GO completely and move into the space of deep self-love and personal power? 

Wilde Lotus Kids Yoga & Art

w/ Brie Chesley
Sun Feb 2nd 2-3:30pm

Join Brie Chesley for a yoga adventure designed especially for kids ages 5-12. The class will explore fun yoga poses, dancing, yoga games and simple breathing techniques for calming and centering our bodies. During the second part of the class we will create mindful art projects that the kids will get to bring home with them. 

Vitality & Stress:

A Kundalini Workshop

w/ Erin Pettis
Sun Feb 2nd 4-5:30pm

Vitality is not the opposite or absence of stress. It is found in the balance between stress and relaxation. Discover reliable resources and tools for gracefully handling life's stressors and enhancing your vitality. Kundalini and Meditation workshop taught by Erin Pettis, MS. 

Medicine Wheel: Yoga & Movement

w/ Sohalia Hussain
Thurs Feb 6th 7-9pm

Join Sohalia, priestess of plants, traveling yoga teacher, and psychonautical wisdom keeper, for a 2-hour physical journey through the Medicine Wheel. This practice will weave asana, pranayama, kriya, and meditation with shamanic and earth-based teachings, fostering a unique inward journey for each student. Soha looks forward to the opportunity to share the embodiment of her recent work in the jungles and valleys of beautiful Perú, the land she is grateful to call home.

Be Free Brotherhood: Men's Circle

w/ Thomas VonSpeers
Fri Feb 7th 6-10pm

Calling all men. Let us sit in circle together. Let us hear each other and be heard. Let us see each other and be seen. Let us be embodied, empowered, and expressed. Join Thomas VonSpeers for this gathering of men to dive into ourselves together, and be a supportive presence for one another. We will co-create and share the space through movement, breathwork, sharing, connection, and community.


Sound Healing Immersion- 2 Day Course

w/ Ange Stopperan
Sat & Sun Feb 8&9

This Sound Healing Immersion is a two day course designed as an introduction to sound healing. In this course you will learn how to work with crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. You’ll explore the history of singing bowls and how they can be used as a theraputic tool in the healing of the energetic body and nervous system. You’ll discover how the singing bowls are connected to the major chakras as each note of the bowl corresponds with a specific chakra.

EARLY BIRD PRICING if you pay your $150 deposit before Jan 8th.

Wild Wisdom Womans Circle

w/ Rebecca Rambo & Ashley Noack
Sat Feb 8 7-9pm

Have you been craving a sisterhood where you feel safe to be seen and create authentic connection with other women? Join Rebecca Rambo from Wild Wisdom of the Womb in sacred circle and explore how to awaken to your own wild wisdom with the support of your sisters, mother Earth and grandmother Moon. Come prepared with something to add to the altar, your journal and an open heart. 

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