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Be Free Breathwork(TM)


Be Free Breathwork (TM)  is your opportunity to join in community with other willing, powerful souls, and do the beautiful, transformative internal work of uncovering your most amazing, authentic self…it’s time to let go of what keeps you from  shining MORE of your light into the world…the world is ready, are you?

It's time to let go...

We all have stories and experiences that hold us back in life. We understand that stress and trauma play a large role in how we show up in the world. Be Free Breathwork is our opportunity to go inside and meet the parts of ourselves that didn’t get what they needed, and re-establish connection. Letting go of the old requires us to be curious about what’s present. Be Free Breathwork gives us the opportunity to feel that which we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel, and complete old, stuck responses in the nervous system that have kept us replaying the same patterns over and over. 

How would it  be different if you let yourself BE TOTALLY FREE? When was the last time you allowed yourself to yell, dance, cry, laugh, and shake out the “stuff” that has left you feeling stuck?  What would it be like to have a  “safe enough” space that supported you to in experiencing ALL of  who you are and what you’ve been through  without any judgment or fear of rejection? How would it be to receive a space that encouraged you to gently explore your connection to your body, your emotions, your story, and your triggers, and your trauma while not overwhelming you? What would it be like to feel empowered in your healing, and to reconnect to feeling safe and connected within yourself?

Purge the Old.  Awaken to the Now.

The two main tools of this practice are the breath and the blindfold. The mighty, expansive breath is our greatest tool of transformation. When we allow ourselves to move fully into the breath, it shifts our conscious thought from the Ego mind (thinker/planner/doer) , to a much deeper, creative soul led consciousness experience, and process of being in touch with the wisdom of our body, and soul.. Using the breath we enter holotropic states of consciousness.

Be Free Breathwork lives in the family of the practice of Holotropic Breathwork which is the body of work developed by Stanaslov Grof; “holotropic” means  “returning toward wholeness”.  In this space we use the science of over breathing to produce low levels of carbon dioxide in the body. The high saturation of oxygen produces physiological changes in the brain and nervous system which allows us to activate our own stress response. In this state, the stuff that we’ve locked away, disassociated from, repressed, or simply just needs to be looked at can come to the surface.

When we put on the blindfold we are invited into our own internal worlds. So much of our experience day to day is focused on the external. We believe what we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. The blindfold directs us to be curious about sensation, imagination, feeling, meaning, and vision. When these tools, the blindfold and the breath, are used in connection with intentionally curated music designed to move you energetically through the chakras, and nervous system regulation awareness, the full-self is activated and awakened, and we are able to be soothed and experience internal shifts.


What does it look like?

Evening Retreats :: 

Group breathworks are 3 hours in length.  We call them "retreats" because we want to encourage you to think of them not as a workshop, or a class, but as an opportunity to step outside your normal life and have a profound experience.  The group sessions start with an opening circle where each person has a chance to check in and connect to themselves, their intention, and the group.

Then, we discuss the “how to” of Be Free Breathwork. We will first teach you how to do the breathing, then will talk about what you might experience during your journey, and finally we will givie you a variety of tools to use throughout your practice to activate, regulate, deepen, or soften your journey. 


We  include in our opening talk relevant information to support you in being the guardian of your own Nervous System.  It is our deepest desire to empower you to use this space to your full advantage, without overdoing it.  We will help you experience the state of regulation in your NS before going into the journey, and talk about how you can remember and return to this state at any time. 

We will also talk about the value of going slow, and taking internal regulating breaks throughout your experience. Lastly, we will explain that one of the major benefits of Be Free Breathwork is the ability to complete self protective responses that didn’t get to happen. We we talk about what this means and how to engage in this process.

Lastly, we explain that the facilitator(s) job is to will be to move throughout the space offering hands on, and hands off support to each participant, sacred witnessing, and quiet guidance. You will be offered a “safe” word, which allows you to opt out of anything being offered during your journey that you don’t want. You will also be invited to speak to the facilitator privately if you prefer to opt out of touch all together during your experience. All of our facilitators are highly trained in both offering safe supportive touch, and receiving your sacred “no thank you.”

After the initial check in and opening talk, we will take a short break for participants to set up their space. We encourage people to have a yoga mat, blanket, bolster or pillow, and eye covering. Once everyone is ready, we begin by calling in the directions. This is a practice sacred to many indiginous people throughout the world throughout time. We do this to support the shifting of our space and consciousness.

After this, the breath is cued and the music starts. The process then is underway, and the actual breathwork journey lasts about an hour.  We encourage each person to stay blindfolded throughout the journey, so that they can keep their process internal.

When the journey is complete, the group is given some time and space to create a piece of artwork or journal to express their experience.  We then circle up for our closing processing time where each person is given the opportunity to talk about what they experienced. Facilitators at that time will also give after care instructions and provide information around how to receive additional support when needed. ​

Many of our facilitators offer One on One breathworks as well.  One on one experiences follow the same flow as the group experiences and are similar in length. If you are interested in booking a one on one session reach out to


Up-Coming Group Dates:            

Limit 20 participants - We now always have 2 facilitators to support the group!  click the links below to register!

Sat June 8th 6-9pm w/ Jillian & Marti


 Breathe.  Re-Set. Realign! 

Our Breathwork Lineage...
In 2012, Melanie received her Shamanic Breathwork certification from her teacher Linda Star Wolf in NC.   Shortly thereafter, she moved back to her hometown of Ft Collins CO, and began her life and business over again. Melanie and Alexandra met in 2013. Alexandra at the time was teaching yoga, studying in a Celtic Wisdom Apprenticeship, and offering Women’s Circles, and spiritual coaching. .

Alexandra was Melanie’s first Breathwork trainee, and many years and shifts later, our offering is now known as Be Free Breathwork.
Be Free Breathwork is a branch off the larger Holotropic Breathwork tree.   We merge the power of ceremony, sacred Earth wisdom, the blindfold, powerful music, and the breath to create a powerfully transformative container.

We incorporate both the Wolf Clan Wisdom Teachings received from Star Wolf,  as well as our knowledge of the Celtic Wheel of the Year in our invocation and creation of our ceremonial space.   It is our desire to deeply honor our teachers, as well as the many paths that lead us back to our hearts and our sacred connection to the Earth. 

In 2019, Alexandra began a three year journey of nervous system and trauma healing training through Trauma Healing International. Alexandra received her SEP certification in 2022 and has supported the refinement of the Be Free Breathwork space over the last few years in incorporating more Somatic Experiencing (R)  languaging, techniques, and nervous system awareness into our container. 
​Gratitude to Star Wolf for the gift of her lineage:  
We would not be here, doing this work, if Star Wolf had not encouraged Melanie to bring the breathwork magic to Colorado in 2012.  As often happens in our 30's, Melanie  followed her heart and broke path a year later to facilitate with her then partner.  10 years later, we find ourselves returning to the humble practice of honoring our roots in all ways.   May we humbly continue to offer the profound medicine of the breath for the healing of humanity. 
A quote from "The Shamanic Breathwork Process was created by Linda Star Wolf in 1996. For more than 30 years Star Wolf has continued to study the lineages of: Integrative Breathwork, created by Jacquelyn Small; Holotropic Breathwork, created by Stanislav Grof; Rebirthing Breathwork, created by Leonard Orr, along with many other forms of altered states breathing/healing techniques. Star Wolf also received  a variety of teachings and transmissions of Wolf Clan Wisdom Teachings directly from Yeh-Weh-Node, Twylah Nitsch, her adopted Wolf Clan Grandmother. The Shamanic Breathwork Process draws upon each of these lineages, as well as other Ancient Shamanic Mystery School teachings." 
​In 2017 Melanie and Alexandra created Breathe, Breathwork Healing Jounrey and Certification Program.  We are so grateful to be training others in this very special therapeutic practice and are dedicated to training  high-quality facilitators who have the trauma-informed tools to support others in this process. 
​Be Free Breathwork, as a modality, continues to grow and refine itself. It is our deepest desire to offer this space in service of  coming together in community to experience internal and external freedom, self-love, and non-judgement. 

Be Free Breathwork™ AfterCare 


Thank you for taking part in Be Free Breathwork™! Below are some helpful tips to help you integrate your experience as you journey back into your world.



Take Good Care Of Yourself! - Drink plenty of water, get good sleep and eat grounding foods (root veggies are great).

Take an Epsom Salt Bath! - Especially if you had a lot of emotion arise during your journey… use at least 1- 1&1/2 C Salt.

Be Gentle With Yourself & Others - Communicate your needs to those in your life… don’t be afraid to ask for alone/process time if you need it!  

Take Time Away from TV, Internet & Your Phone. Unplug.

Spend Time in Nature. Nature will assist you in re-grounding and rebalancing.

Journal, dream, dance, do yoga, read a good book.

Attend to Self-Care - get a massage, reiki, or other body work.


Sometimes we receive MAJOR clarity about our lives in the breathwork space.  We invite you to sit with these awarenesses and allow them to simmer.  Advice from my teacher, Linda Star Wolf: Don’t go get a divorce (just yet), don’t buy a puppy (just yet), don’t quit your job (just yet).



We are here for you and happy to assist in your processing. 

You can call/text Melanie @ 970-286-4447 or Alex @ 608-633-2477.


Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need support.  
If you 
don't reach us, here are some 24/7 #'s

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline : 1-800-273-8255

Text Only Support Line : 741-741

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