Class Schedule

We are currently working towards re-opening for limited # in-person classes at the beginning of June.  In the meantime, we are offering several OUTDOOR yoga classes a week and live-streaming (almost) all classes!


We approach our class schedule with a unique perspective! 

We believe that by supporting teachers to bring their individual flavors and create the classes that ignite their OWN flame, they will spread that creativity and love to their students.  Each class on our schedule has its own name and flavor. 

We invite you to find the classes and teachers that speak to YOU!

We promise to always bring our hearts and creative spark to all that we do at Be Free.


Our calendar is color coded from green (easy, appropriate for all levels), to orange (more dynamic flow classes).  ALL classes are considered ALL-LEVELS, but if you're a beginner, we encourage you to start in the green zone! (FYI- you can only see the color coding on your computer...the phone version doesn't show it).


We're currently offering 2 kids classes a week, live-streamed to you! Each class is 30 minutes

Tues 2pm

Fri 11am