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Class Schedule


Below you'll find the descriptions of all our weekly classes! Please reach out if you have any questions. To register, please click the link above! 

All Levels Vinyasa

(In-studio & online)

Sun 10am, Tues 5:30pm, Wed 12pm,  Thurs 9am

Join us for this vinyasa class to build strength, flexibility, and energize your mind, body, and spirit. We will begin with a short meditation before flowing through a creative practice, building on a foundation to more expansive and strengthening variations. All levels welcome!


Animal Flow

(In-studio only)

Foundations: Tues 9am, Intermediate Thurs 5:30pm

Animal Flow is a ground based movement and flow class. You will learn the switches and transitions and form specific stretches that make up flowing animal style! And of course, every class you will learn a unique new flow! 

This class requires a degree of wrist and shoulder strength, but modifications and regressions are available. Come if you're ready to learn a new way of being in your body.  

If you are NEW to Animal Flow, we highly suggest you start with the Tues 9 am class or at least watch this intro video! 


Aroma Yin

(In-studio only)

Tues 7pm

We are in an ever-present wonderful driven Yang world that asks us to ‘do, do, do’ and pushes us ever forward. This Yin class invites you to slooooow down and invites the nervous system into deep rest and digest mode. 

Mostly floor based poses are held for 1-5 minutes to help work into the connective tissues and the introspective ‘dreamy’ in between space.

This class is also paired with essential oils to help take you deeper inward as you feel held in the luxurious world that smells can bring.


Community Meditation

(In-studio only)

Tues 10:30am

Sit, breathe, and fully experience the present moment.  Join Kyle Smurlolee for this FREE weekly meditation opportunity. 

We'll practice a simple breath meditation, followed by a short reading, and then have time for open discussion.

Community offering suitable for all levels <3



Ecstatic Dance

(In-Studio only)

Mon 7:15pm

Ecstatic Dance happens with the intention of gathering together, moving our bodies in juicy and joyful rhythm, and shaking off the stuff that prevents us from living in our full, authentic expression!

Ecstatic dance is all about feeling your body, moving with the waves of your soul, and having fun in community. Limited to 20.

PLEASE NOTE: We are now doing a hard stop at 20 people so that everyone can enjoy the space without feeling over-crowded. If you're planning to come, PLEASE register ahead of time or you may get turned away at the door. Thank you friends!


Meditation and Reiki Drum Journey

(In-Studio Only)

Thurs 10:30-11:45am

Feel empowered and move forward with clarity after meditation, breathwork and a Reiki Drum Journey. 
Drum journeys are a great way to find answers to anything we need clarity with. They can help us connect with our inner spirits, our higher selves, guides and allies.
The rhythmic beats of the drum serve as a conduit to your subconscious, unlocking your inner power and spiritual knowing. Drumming gently guides you away from the buzz of everyday life into a tranquil state - the alpha mind - where peace and relaxation reside, and then even deeper into the dream-like theta state, offering a unique space for insights, guidance, and profound wisdom.
The class ends with journal time, sharing (if desired) and a closing meditation.

The rhythmic beats of the drum serve as a conduit to your subconscious, unlocking your inner wisdom and spiritual knowing. Drumming at 180 beats per minute gently guides you away from the buzz of everyday life into a tranquil state - the alpha mind - where peace and relaxation reside. Occasionally, the journey may lead you even deeper into the dream-like theta state, offering a unique space for insights, guidance, and profound wisdom.


Gentle Stretch and Yoga Nidra 

(In-studio & online)

Thurs 7pm

Yoga Nidra is a unique experience of relaxation and release. It translates roughly as “yogic or psychic sleep” and is a powerful guided meditation to enter into a state of deep and relaxation while maintaining awareness. This class is designed to begin with gentle movement to settle the energies of the body, followed by a comfortable and supported Savasana (corpse pose) for a 30-40 minute Yoga Nidra. Experience a release of physical, mental and emotional tension to feel rested, restored and inspired. All experience levels are welcome.


Kundalini Yoga for Vibrant Health

(In-studio & online)

Mon 5:30pm

In this therapeutic class we use the yoga of awareness to explore how consciousness lives in our body. We focus on our relationship to Prana, or life force energy, to build vitality and increase calm. We access Prana through breath, strengthen it through movement, and integrate it through mantra. Our goal is to develop embodied awareness that will invoke our body's capacity to get well and stay well. Appropriate for all levels, all body types, and all health conditions.


Mantra Mornings

(In-Studio Only)

Fridays 7:30-8:30am

Donation based

You are invited to start your day off singing, and soaking in the vibrations of mantra to call in divine energy and guidance for the day! Come join Jayu for this new weekly offering every Friday morning.

We will begin each class with the Gayatri Mantra, which is a Vedic mantra traditionally chanted in the mornings to welcome the Sun as it rises and gives its warmth and light to the earth. Then, we will follow with 2 more chants that will change weekly.
You can choose to join in the chanting with your own voice, sit in silent meditation and bathe in the energy of the mantras, or even do your own personal yoga practice as the sounds and vibrations of these divine chants wash over your being.


Myofascial Release Yoga 

(In-Studio & Online)

Mon 12pm

This all-levels class is a full system reset, perfect on Monday when the mind wants to engage DO mode. An invitation to pause, breathe and BE. With a calmed nervous system, you’ll drop into the body for some myo (muscle) fascial (fascia/connective tissue) release. It's amazing what you can do with a tennis ball (and other props & tools)!

Expect to laugh, learn and leave feeling renewed and empowered!

If you're joining us from home, please have 2 tennis balls.


Restore + Gong Bath 

(In-studio only)

Wed 7:30pm

Join us to release stress and shift your vibration. We’ll start with 45 minutes of gentle, restorative yoga and breathwork to bring you into your body, and then we’ll spend the last 30 minutes of class receiving grounding vibrations from Be Free’s Earth gong.


Slow Flow 

(In-studio & online)

Mon 9am, Thurs 4pm

ALL LEVELS - This class is designed to offer you a quality morning reset! Breathwork (pranayama), gentle awakening and aligning of the body through movement and breath, some deep stretch, a quality savasana (rest), and a few minutes of seated meditation will bring you right to center! Please join us!

Slow Flow Into Stillness 

(In-studio & online)

Wed 5:30pm (90min)

Reset through pranayama (breathwork), gentle slow-flow asana, and meditative movement... finishing with stillness through restorative poses, savasana and meditation. All Levels. Come get nurtured!


Soulful Hatha 

(In-studio & online)

Wed 9am, Fri 12pm

This well rounded, all-levels practice is designed to bring balance, harmony and connection to the solar and lunar energies of the mind, body and spirit. The union of “Ha” meaning sun and “tha” meaning moon. Each class offers a heart theme based on the astrological influences of the moment. We will experience the art of yoga through breathwork, meditation and movement.


Unwind & Align

(In-studio only)

Tues 4-5:15pm

Within a framework that invites you to turn inward and deeply experience the spontaneous arising of sensations from moment to moment, we'll cultivate a balance between Ease and Effort through the practice of slow restorative movements and dynamic stretching, This class begins with a gentle, exploratory sequence of sliding, gliding, rocking and pumping movements that mobilize and lubricate the joints and connective tissues, and nourish and support the organs, lymphatic and nervous systems. The practice gradually builds to classical standing and balancing poses, twists and supported inversions, all with attention to alignment and breath. Poses are taught using a wide variety of yoga props, and therapeutic modifications are offered as needed to make this class accessible for All Levels.


(In-studio & online)

Fridays 4-5:15pm

Decompress from your week and recenter yourself with this nourishing combination of yin and flow yoga. The practice of yin focuses on our joints, fascia, and connective tissues with maximum benefit found when the muscles of the body are cold, or inactive. This class will begin with 30 minutes of yin, followed by 30 minutes of an active and accessible yang flow style practice to release stuck energy in the body.


Yoga For Peace of Mind

(In-studio & online)

Fri 9am

This is your chance to slow down, get out of your head and back into your body. Together, we’ll begin with breath and intention, enjoying mindful movement and asana that get the blood and prana flowing. Then we’ll sink into some juicy restorative poses to release and receive what we need in the moment. Breathe. Move. (re)Discover yourSelf.

make sure to plan ahead-6.jpg


We approach our class schedule with a unique perspective! 

We believe that by supporting teachers to bring their individual flavors and create the classes that ignite their OWN flame, they will spread that creativity and love to their students.  Each class on our schedule has its own name and flavor. 

We invite you to find the classes and teachers that speak to YOU!

We promise to always bring our hearts and creative spark to all that we do at Be Free.


Our calendar is color coded from green (easy, appropriate for all levels), to orange (more dynamic flow classes).  ALL classes are considered ALL-LEVELS, but if you're a beginner, we encourage you to start in the green zone! (FYI- you can only see the color coding on your computer...the phone version doesn't show it).


We currently do not have any weekly kids classes on the calendar, but we have some AWESOME kids yoga teachers who would love to offer your kid-pod a private yoga class!  Contact us for details !

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