The Creators


Melanie Lighthouser

Co-Owner, Massage Therapist,
Leader of Root To Rise 200hr YTT,
& Co-Leader of Breathe

I describe myself as a "Freedom Catalyst", or someone who helps others to break out of their perceived experiences of limitation.  It is my goal and purpose to embody presence, power, a fearless open heart, and to empower others to do the same.  

I am a Transformational Coach, yoga teacher, massage therapist and Be Free Breathwork
(TM) facilitator and teacher.  Teaching the power of the breath is my deepest passion.  I offer a sacred space to dive in, clear out the old programming, rediscover your magic, and find MORE OF YOU!


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                                                                                 - Melanie -

Alexandra Jenkins

Creator of Dancing With Shadows,
& Co-Leader of Breathe

I am a Spiritual Mentor, or one who walks with you on your path of awakening.   It is my deepest desire to support everyone in waking up to all parts of themselves: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. Many of us have forgotten, or left behind certain pieces of ourselves.  My hope is that we can return to loving and taking care of all parts of ourselves. 

I am a spiritual mentor,  shadow work facilitator,  yoga teacher, Be Free Breathwork
(TM) facilitator and teacher.  I offer safe and sacred space for you to remember your golden nature, and return home to your most expansive heart.

How would your world be different if you loved all parts of yourself; even your shadow?
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- Alexandra-