You are invited on a profound journey of re-birth into your fullest self. 

This initiation process is for those who are ready to step into their greatest potential and embrace all aspects of their being.  Only through fully embracing ALL ASPECTS OF SELF (the "light" and the "dark"), can we truly operate from our highest level of consciousness.   

So what does "highest level of consciousness" mean anyway?

It means clarity.

It means non-judgement.

It is a state of receptivity where creativity can flow freely and love is abundant. 

It is what lies underneath the old programming.

And it is available to you. Always. 

During our time together, you will not only walk through your own Shadow (clearing and bringing into consciousness all aspects of being that have caused you to operate from unconscious patterning), but you will also learn to recognize it in others and to assist them in this awakening process. 

Be Free Integrative Breathwork (TM) is a powerful tool for clearing old patterns/traumas and opening you to your deepest connection to Source. Becoming a truly clear channel requires a willingness to go to the "uncomfortable" places within yourself and LET GO.

  As your being is cleared, your creative channel opens, 

and you begin to experience NEW INSPIRATION in all aspects of life. 

This is the shift from living life from a reactive space,

to CREATING your life in each moment from an open-hearted, empowered place.

Whether or not you choose to share this work with others, the intention of this journey is to CLEAR AWAY everything that keeps you from experiencing your wholeness, 

and awaken you to the deep magic of this Earthly plane.

Track 1

Track 1- Personal Healing

This track is designed for those who are interested solely on taking this healing journey for their own growth and do not wish to get their certification.

Homework for this track will include:

  • Regular home breathwork/meditation/yoga practice.

  • Completing Shadowwork homework each month

Two Tracks


 It may be that you begin the process in Track 1 and then half way through decide to switch to the certification track. 

The first three months, as we journey through the lower chakras, we will ALL be focused solely on this self healing.  As we rise into the heart chakra, we will begin the process of learning tools to share this work.  Even if you are on Track 1, the tools and experiences gained in the second half of this training will deeply assist you in your relationship to Self and others!

Track  2

Track 2- Certification

This track is designed for those wishing to become certified Be Free Integrative Breathwork Facilitators. 

Homework for this track will include:

  • Regular home breathwork/meditation/yoga practice.

  • Completing Shadowwork homework each month

  • Practice facilitating 1-on-1  and group space and receive feedback

  • Apprentice under one of the two of us during monthly group breathwork offerings

  • Write a final paper

During our eight month journey together you'll experience:

  • Group Breathwork Journeys each weekend together.

  • Ceremonial Initiations Through Each of the 7 Chakras

  • Alexandrea's FULL Shadowwork program content, including workbook and audio meditation files ($3000 value)

  • Celtic Earth Wisdom- Wheel of the Year, Moon Cycles

  • The How-To of Breathwork Facilitation and Space-Holding (both groups and 1-on-1)

  • Access Consciousness & NLP techniques, as well as other Mental Clearing/Rewiring Tools

  • Parts Integration - Awakening All Aspects of Your Personality

  • Life-time access to ALL Be Free Integrative Breathwork music files.

  • 2 support Zoom calls a month

  • FREE access to Monthly Group Breathwork offerings at The Be Free Healing Center during the 7 months of your training.

  • A final RETREAT weekend together at a beautiful mountain cabin in the Rockies (meals & lodging included).

2019/2020 Weekend Dates:

All dates are required

October 25-27th - 1st Chakra 

November 15-17th - 2nd Chakra

December 13-15th - 3rd Chakra

January 10-12th - 4th Chakra

February 14-16th - 5th Chakra

March 13-15th - 6th Chakra

April 17-19th - 7th Chakra  


(We will rent out a mountain cabin for this weekend.  All Lodging and meals are included in the price)

Weekend Hours:

We have extended our training hours and added a Friday afternoon slot

Fridays 2- 9pm

Saturdays 9-5pm

Sundays 9-4pm



The Be Free Healing Center

Ft Collins CO


 Food Details:


FOOD IS NOT INCLUDED (except our final weekend together which will include meals as part of the retreat). 

 All Participants are asked to bring their own food for each weekend. 

Your Sangha:

Sangha is a word for a sacred community, a fellowship, a tribe. Part of what makes this experience so powerful is the bonding that happens within the group.  Group checkins are a big part of each weekend and for that reason, it feels important to us to keep the size of the group limited. 

Only 14 spots will be available for this journey! 


Total course price : $3250

$500 non-refundable deposit is required to save your spot. 

This training is now FULL. ​

Please reach out if you would like to be put on the waitlist.

Payment Options:

We are more than happy to work with you to find a payment option that fits your budget! Ideally you can choose from one of the following, but if neither of those work, we're open to your ideas

- Payment of remaining balance in full on the first weekend.

- 8-monthly payments over the 8 months of the course.

Breathe 2019 Graduates

Breathe 2018 Graduates