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The Healing Journey

You are invited on a profound healing journey of re-birth into your fullest self. 

This 7-month initiation process is for those who desire to dive deep into their self work through a unique combination of Be Free Breathwork (TM), Yoga, Shadowwork, and Somatic Experiencing.  

Only through integrating ALL ASPECTS OF SELF (the "light" and the "dark"), can we fully embrace our truest nature.

This journey will reconnect you to your body and breath and give you the space and tools to process T/trauma, regulate your nervous system, and release mental chaos.​​

This is the shift from living life from a reactive space, to CREATING your life in each moment from an open-hearted, empowered place.

This program is a 7-month healing journey designed for YOU and your own self growth.  At the completion, if you desire to move on to Facilitation Skills, that is a separate 3-month process which will require an approved application to join the apprenticeship group.  The Healing Journey is considered PART 1 of the apprenticeship requirements.

During our seven month journey together you'll experience/receive:

  • Ceremonial Initiations Through Each of the 7 Chakras

  • Morning Yoga (Sat & Sun) based around the chakra of the weekend.

  • Group Breathwork Journeys each weekend together.

  • Somatic Experiencing Tools For Nervous System Regulation & T/trauma Healing

  • Shadowwork

  •  NLP techniques for Mental Clearing & Rewiring

  • Parts Integration - Awakening All Aspects of Your Personality

  • 1 support Zoom call each month

  • Journey Guidebook

  • Discounted Monthly Group Breathwork offerings at The Be Free Healing Center

during the 7 months of your journey.

Healing Journey Dates for 2022-2023

(all dates are required in order to move to PART 2)

Oct 7-9 - Root Chakra

Nov 11-13 - Sacral Chakra

Dec 9-11 - Solar Chakra

Jan 13-15 - Heart Chakra

Feb 10-12 - Throat Chakra

Mar 10-12- 3rd Eye Chakra

April 7-9 - Crown Chakra

Weekend Hours:

Fridays 6- 9pm

Saturdays 9-5pm

Sundays 9-5pm



The Be Free Healing Center

1006 Spring Creek Ln B12

Ft Collins CO  80526

Your Sangha:

Sangha is a Sanskrit word for a sacred community, a fellowship, a tribe. Part of what makes this experience so powerful is the bonding that happens within the group.  Group checkins are a big part of each weekend and for that reason, it feels important to us to keep the size of the group limited. 

Only 10 spots will be available for this journey! 

Your Facilitators:

This program was co-created in 2017 by Melanie Lighthouser and Alexandra Jenkins.  After four very distinct versions of the journey, it has continued to grow and morph into this newest opportunity for healing.  We are incredibly proud of this program and what it has become.

 For more info about them click here


Total course price : $4250

$500 non-refundable deposit is required to save your spot. 

Partial Scholarships available for BIPOC & LGBTQ students.


Please contact Melanie if you'd like to be put on the waitlist

Payment Options:

We are more than happy to work with you to find a payment option that fits your budget! Ideally you can choose from one of the following, but if neither of those work, we're open to your ideas

- Payment of remaining balance in full on the first weekend.

- 7-monthly payments over the 7 months of the course.


Please feel free to reach out to Melanie for any questions you might have about the program. or call/text 970-286-4447

Part 2

 Facilitator Apprenticeship Path 

For those desiring to facilitate the Be Free Breathwork Experience, you are invited to apply to continue your journey into the next three months with our Facilitator Apprenticeship Path. ​ Completion of Part 1 is required to apply for part 2.

During these three months you'll experience:

The How-To of Breathwork Facilitation and Space-Holding (both groups and 1-on-1)

Calling in the Directions & The Celtic Wheel of the Year

Hands-On Techniques for Release & Support

Somatic Processing Skills

The Art of the Question - Verbal Processing Tools

Nervous System & Trauma Awareness

Ceremonial Practices & Tools

Dates (2023):

May 12-14th

June 9-11th

July 7-9th


Fri 6-9pm

Sat & Sun 9am-5pm



Marti picture.jpg

My experience with Breathe was nothing short of transformational. My core being has shifted through this process, in all the best ways. The deep dives into each chakra, the life-changing knowledge I gained about somatic therapies, and of course the breathwork itself helped me unearth and lovingly examine beliefs I was holding that no longer served me. I am a calmer, more centered, more connected human because of this experience. And the bonus is that I now have nine sisters for life -- the community forged here is amazing. I highly recommend Breathe for all who are open to profound life shifts with incredible support along the way. -Marti Bruening 

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 10.36.10 AM.png

My experience with Be Free Breathwork was utterly transformational. Melanie and Alex provided a safe and secure container that allowed me to dive deep, inspect my light and shadows, and work through areas I would have never explored otherwise. I am stronger, softer, brighter and more kaleidoscopic than I would have ever imagined, and it’s all thanks the work that I was able to do with the support of these wise and insightful teachers. The people in our Breathwork group were also highly impactful, and Be Free seems to continually attract interesting, complex, beautiful souls. Forever grateful for this personal chakra journey - it’s one that will stick with me forever, because it’s inherently changed who I am. Thank you, Alex and Melanie, for creating a space of vulnerability and strength for so many people.-- 

Caila Brennan


"I’m not sure what I was expecting when I went into the breathwork training, but I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be a deep and unique personal growth experience. Melanie and Alex excel as teachers, and the space they create is somehow simultaneously incredibly safe and deeply challenging. I often found myself going well beyond my comfort zone, broadening my understanding of people, the world and the universe while witnessing the other students who were doing precisely the same thing. More than that, we each learned how much deeper our own unique magics run, and how to trust our intuitions as we share our gifts with the world around us. It was as much a healing journey as it was a facilitation training, and each of us ended that journey with the tools to share the experience of breathwork with confidence, safety, and depth. "

-Don Hajick


"This truly was one of my favorite courses and teachings I have ever gained  in this lifetime. Breathwork changed my life and it can change your life too!

I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in becoming a Medicine being, a healer to assist humanity to coming home to their highest divine selves, or just to do it for the sake of your personal soul growth.

Being in the Breathe Breathwork program, with the most powerful and magical teachers Alexandra and Melanie, has truly been an honor.  Learning so many modalities about the breath we breathe and all the wisdom shared has gotten me to better my self, my breath, and my practice as a Medicine Woman in many ways.

I use breathwork on a daily basis with my clients and they are in awe of themselves and the feedback they I give me.  It makes my soul sing and rejoice in pure bliss and happiness, because it truly has changed their lives.  As it has changed mine.  I’m forever grateful.

I would highly recommend every soul, young and old, to explore and experience the profound work of Breathe.  It will change your life for the better."

-Baheya Aysheh


"So grateful for all the pushes from the universe to walk the breathwork journey with this amazing group!! 

So much was learned through this process. About myself. About connection. The importance of community. Also the important of acceptance and surrender to things our of our control. 

I enjoyed so much getting to know each one of you! In my heart you each hold a space so deer! 

I am beyond grateful for the be free family I am connected to. And more than grateful to have many places to call home in Fort Collins. 

Thank you Mel and Alex for the container, support, and share of wisdom and knowledge for continued growth!"

-Jaileen Shoemaker


"Unfathomably fun, unbelievably powerful, and heart-opening in every sense of the word, The Be Free Breathwork Certification was as great a program of self discovery and self optimization as I can possibly imagine.  It was an absolutely incendiary odyssey through light and shadow, community and the self, the seven chakras, and all the facets of life that they embody within all of us.  From the knowledge I learned and the confidence I gained in practical matters of life like staying grounded and having a healthy relationship with money, to the ancient esoteric wisdom I acquired in the realm of sanskrit mantras, potent mudras, and the wizardry of imaginative energetic manifestation, all ingredients of living a fulfilling life worthy of the potential power I have the ability to embody seemed to be covered in it's due time.  To be witnessed in my own transformation while witnessing amazing changes in my fellow students, who became like family to me, was an incredible blessing.  The Breathwork itself has long been an invaluable practice to me, and after completing the course I feel extremely empowered and ready to hold space for others to transfigure themselves through the astounding power of the breath.  The fearless leaders of the program, Melanie and Alex, are both some of the most powerful, loving, kind, understanding, wise, and all-around amazing women I've ever met in my life.  The positive adjectives just don't stop with these two goddesses.  They are incredibly attuned to the spectrum of needs and different learning styles of their students, and adroitly flexible, dynamic, and adaptive in any situation.  I've never seen two women consistently bring the absolute best out of people in the way that these two do.  They will most certainly challenge you, and believe in doing the difficult work and truly looking at yourself in all its glory and brightness as well as its trauma and shadow, and through unconditional self-love and acceptance, and acute awareness, transmuting the shadow into the light.  Take the course.  You'll find out.  If you're ready to learn about amazing things, level-up not just spiritually, but in all conventional elements of life as well, build amazing relationships, cultivate deep community, and learn to hold space like a gosh dang jedi knight, this program just might be for you."

- David Engele


"After our first weekend together I understood why my soul encouraged me to not only experience the container these amazing women create, but to learn how to share it with others. These amazing women helped me learn to speak my truth, show up as myself without fearing the judgment of others and how to be vulnerable (in a productive way). The biggest takeaway experienced was how when we come together in community with open hearts and a bubble of allowance energetic shifts occur. 

I would tell anyone thinking about this journey to dive in. The personal work I did during Breathe in 2019/2020 made a tremendous difference in my life by strengthening relationships in ways I did not know possible. Without a doubt many of the tools I learned strengthened my marriage because I learned how be honest with myself, show up fully in my relationship and communicate my boundaries clearly.

Every day we get to make choices to evolve or not. Be Free Breathwork training WILL stretch you, it might be painful in spots, but the end result is amazing!"

-Aubrey Rice 


"The decision to accept my heart’s calling into this journey has been truly life changing.   To experience the Be Free Breathwork Facilitation Training is to experience a reunion with your own sacred healer and an explosion of discovery. Diving deep into yourself to the darkest places. Loving yourself completely. Expanding beyond your wildest dreams. Unapologetically being you. Choosing to step into your true self. 

To venture along this quest is to experience creating a family; a tribe. Encouraging each other, loving each other, holding each other. Connecting each month, each week, each day. Being fully supported through the Transformation initiation. Knowing all of you is invited to be present. Fear. Joy. Anxiousness. Ecstasy. Excitement. Knowing “all of you is welcome to the party” (as magical teachers Melanie and Alex say).

Being guided alongside the incredibly tuned in and leveled up teachers, Melanie and Alex has been so powerful!!

Witnessing the sacred facilitation container. Holding the Be Free Breathwork space as the journey comes full circle and the breather becomes the facilitator.  

Are you ready to embody your most clear, potent, magical self?

Do you have the calling into self-exploration?"

- Nikki Schmidt


Breathe 2022 Healing Journey Graduates


Breathe 2020 Graduates

Because of Covid we do not have a full group picture

Breathe 2019 Graduates


Breathe 2018 Graduates

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