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Reiki Treatment

Wellness Practitioners


We are so grateful to offer a home space to the following Wellness Practitioners.  

Each of these magicians work for themselves, however you can book with them HERE for your convenience!  

Payment is not available through our booking system.

 Please pay your provider directly.


Our Wellness Practitioners are here to serve you in maintaining physical/mental/emotional health. PLEASE help protect them by making excellent and safe choices with your self-care.  

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Amisha Klawonn


(she/her) Amisha Klawonn is an Integrative Physical/Yoga Therapist,  Embodiment & Sleep Coach. Her focus as an Integrative PT are visceral mobilization and holistic care for the whole person. Her areas of focus as a Coach are sleep, wellness, whole body living and manifesting.

As a Coach, she is trained in Women’s Health, hormones and polyvagal theory and application. She works with individuals one on one and in groups to help guide them to their best versions of themselves. She empowers individuals to create their visions for their lives, igniting transformation from the inside out. 

Amisha has extensively mentored and studied in the fields of chronic pain and spinal rehabilitation and whole body wellness. Her approach is unique and often finds areas of healing that have been overlooked. 

When she isn’t coaching, training or learning, she is spending time with her husband, son,  and black lab mix usually hiking, doing yoga or walking around the lake. She’s also rewiring her brain to play the guitar and frequently spends time with the horses in her area. 


You can currently book with Amisha through her site:   or call/text 602-214-8602


IG: @reignitingyoursoul

FB: @reignitingyoursoul

Amisha is currently offering sessions at Be Free on Tues & Thurs mornings


Baheya Aysheh


(she/her) Baheya is a  compassionate &  loving Healer; a Palestinian  Medicine Woman; a Reiki Master; a Breathwork facilitator; a Yoga teacher; a Life Coach; and Mentor.   Her fiery passion is helping people come back home to self care and self love through healing the inner child and releasing the issues in the tissues.   Baheya has been practicing as a medicine woman for 15 years now and is humbled by each soul that shows up for guidance and healing.   Baheya’s uses the power of prayer as one of her magical modalities to clear energy. She is guided by spirits and the angelic realm.  Her gifts are truly amazing and life changing.   


Baheya also offers a 3-month one on one Mentoring and life coaching program and a 6 month 1 on 1 Medicine legacy program.  For more details please contact Baheya @ 970-297-9109 or visit her website

Baheya is traveling a bit this winter, but please reach out if you'd like to book as she might have availability

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Emma Horne


Ayurvedic Consultations and Therapies

(she/her) Emma is kind, loving, compassionate, and fun and loves nothing more than to create a welcoming and relaxed space for all who come and see her.


During your consultation, Emma will look at all aspects of your life, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, and will try to understand why you may be out of balance so you can take charge of your own life. We will discuss in-depth, any concerns you may have, your health history, and your symptoms. We will determine your unique mind/ body constitution and any subtle imbalances you may have. From here, Emma will work on a detailed plan to help bring you back into balance which is completely tailored to you and advise on any therapies that may be beneficial.



Initial Consultation - 90 Minute - $150
Follow up session - 75 minutes - $85

Consultation and 2 follow-ups - $250

Nasyam (head, face, sinus massage with oil) -60min- $85
Reiki Healing & Reiki Drum Therapy - 75min - $85, 90min - $105

Podhikizhi (heated herbal poltice)  - 75min - $85

Kadibasthi (warm oil bath on areas of pain) -75min - $85
Garshan (body scrub) 75min - $85

Shirodhara - 1st treatment -75min - $125  ($90 for subsequent)
30min massage add on - $35
Abhyanga -1hr and 15min- $90

Please go to Emmas website for a description of all her therapies.


You can schedule online through the link below or through Emma directly (310) - 863 - 2169

Emma is as at Be Free on Fridays and has additional availability throughout the week.

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Jimmy Danella


(he/him) At Be Free Healing, Jimmy Danella, brings a unique, attentive approach to Acupuncture. His sessions are characterized by a deep presence, staying in the treatment room throughout the entire session. Jimmy specializes in identifying 'live' points along the channels, treating each one individually using a single acupuncture needle or a hand-rolled cone of moxibustion, without retaining needles. This method ensures a dynamic and responsive treatment tailored to each client's needs.


In every session, Jimmy provides truly trauma-informed, attuned care. He emphasizes creating a safe and empathetic space, engaging in thoughtful conversation and inquiry to allow clients to explore their health holistically. His sessions usually incorporate Tuina, a form of Chinese medical massage, which helps clients relax and prepare for acupuncture, fostering a sense of calm and readiness. Jimmy's approach is deeply influenced by his own journey through life's transitions, from personal growth to embracing fatherhood and navigating relationships. This experience enriches his understanding and connection with clients, guiding them through their wellness journey.


With nearly a decade of experience with Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, Jimmy's practice is a blend of traditional wisdom and modern understanding. He is dedicated to helping clients achieve a greater sense of well-being, balance, and connection in their daily lives. Whether addressing physical ailments, emotional stresses, or supporting spiritual awakenings, Jimmy's holistic approach aims to bring about lasting change and growth.


To learn more about Jimmy's practice or to schedule a complimentary consultation, reach out through his contact details provided below.


Contact Jimmy Danella L.Ac.


Phone: (970) 682-5229


  • Tuesdays:: 45min Sessions for $77 

Kar head shot_edited.jpg

Kara Shaw


(she/her)  As a therapist, Kara’s purpose is to guide others toward their innate capacity for growth and wholeness. Kara draws from advanced training and practice in EMDR, somatic therapy, mindfulness, and therapeutic yoga. 

Through the secure base of the therapeutic partnership, Kara joins her in discovering how to live with a greater sense of calmness, presence, confidence, meaning and connection in daily life. Our sessions may include empathic attunement, somatic awareness, grounding, building on innate resources, trauma processing, self compassion, emotion regulation, and breath practices.

Over the past 12 years, Kara has provided therapeutic services in a variety of settings including schools, community mental health centers, assisted living, and hospitals. She has created and facilitated mindfulness and trauma-informed programming to increase community access to wellness practices including children’s yoga, therapeutic yoga groups, mindfulness classes, and self-care for health care providers. She currently maintains a private practice and is also an adjunct instructor at University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work program.

You can schedule a complimentary 20 minute initial call by l reaching out to Kara through her email or website.



Kat Davis

(she/her) Kat began practicing Reiki more than 20 years ago, while she was in massage
school, and is a Reiki master attuned to the Usui lineage. Since then, she’s felt called to
become a yoga and meditation teacher and a Be Free Breathwork™ facilitator.

Having journeyed around the sun more than 50 times, she is proudly stepping into her Crone-Wise Woman phase. Along with life lessons, Kat has gathered magick and tools she loves to share with clients and in workshops and women’s circles. Kat loves working together to craft YOUR session. Clients find her nurturing and intuitive and love her mermaid-witchy vibe and hugs.

Kat offers Reiki sessions at Be Free every Thursday and has additional availability throughout the week.

Please contact Kat with questions, for other days or times, or to arrange private Yoga or Be Free Breathwork™ sessions (solo or with your ‘immuno-pod’). 


  • Reiki: 60 min $75, 3 pack $195

  • Reiki +: 60 min $90 (+ includes Sound Integration, Myofascial Release, or Restorative Yoga)

  • Wise Woman Work: 90 min, $133 (90 minutes allows more time for connection and for Kat to utilize more tools. A session may include a mix of breathwork, movement, Reiki, an oracle card reading, crystals, sound, and aromatherapy.)

Laura Oswold 

Laura is a Somatic Experiencing guide, and she has been a Massage Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist in Fort Collins for 14 years.

After many years of working with clients and going through her own life challenges, Laura realized that underneath so much of what we struggle with as humans is our trauma. Whether it’s big or small, past or recent, Laura believes that our trauma is stored in the nervous system and that until the trauma is processed, it will remain stored in the nervous system as an overactive stress response. When Laura discovered Somatic Experiencing, she fell in love with its gentle and practical approach to healing trauma.

Laura is professionally trained in Somatic Experiencing and guides her clients on a journey through the body and the nervous system. She focuses on bodily (somatic) responses and sensations rather than focusing only on thoughts and emotions associated with traumatic events. “We can’t think our way out of traumatic experiences, and one of the biggest issues we face as human beings is that we can feel trapped in our physical and emotional states. The brilliance of somatic interventions is the ability to directly intervene by developing new neural pathways and behaviors that provide alternative ways of responding to your environment without getting stuck in the habits of the past.”

When Laura is not guiding her clients, she loves spending time with her two children, cooking, dancing, singing, and playing outside as much as possible!

You can book sessions with Laura through her site: or call/text 201-787-5587.


Laura currently offers in-person and Zoom sessions through Be Free every Monday.

  • 75min Somatic Experiencing Sessions on sliding scale
    $65, $85, $105


Laurel Carter

Laurel Carter is a licensed professional counselor and eating recovery coach. She specializes in trauma-informed care and works with female-identified individuals who desire to reclaim autonomy over their life, find their voice, and live in their truth. 


Laurel uses holistic approaches in her work including somatic and body-based interventions, AcuWellness, sound therapy, mindfulness-based stress techniques, expressive arts and Breathwork as she facilitates her clients’ journey toward wholeness.  


Laurel has extensive experience supporting women in eating recovery, divorce and relationship recovery, early religious trauma, gender-based discrimination and other emotional, mental and spiritual health challenges faced by women today. She believes in a model of collaboration, steering clear of the dynamic of ‘treatment’ or seeing her clients through the lens of a diagnosis.  

Outside of the therapy room Laurel runs an eating recovery coaching program called, Inner Body Wisdom, and co-facilitates Wellness and EMDR Intensive retreats. She is a mother of two boys and can be found on the sideline of any one of their many creative endeavors. She feels a deep reverence for her husband and loves to write, take cold plunges in natural bodies of water and is an avid hiker and Hot springs visitor. 


If interested in working with Laurel in the therapeutic setting, to schedule a gong + AcuWellness session, or in her eating recovery coaching program, you can schedule a consultation through her email at




-  Sliding Scale: $115-150




- $148/hr



- $148/hr




- Sliding Scale: $115-150



Marti Bruening


Marti (she/her) is a naturally gifted intuitive who uses Reiki to bring healing energy to her clients' hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. Marti has used Reiki, meditation, crystals, essential oils, yoga, traditional and somatic therapy, and breathwork throughout her life to connect her to her highest self and her guides, and her hope is that her Reiki clients are empowered to connect with their higher selves as well. Marti customizes each session based on her client's needs and where the Reiki energy leads her, and she often receives intuitive messages for her clients. Marti became a Reiki Master in 2021. 


Marti sees Reiki clients on Sunday afternoons and also conducts remote/virtual appointments. Marti is also available for private and small-group breathwork sessions.



60-minute reiki session: $75

Reiki 3-pack: $195

Breathwork: Contact for details
phone call or text at 970-631-6056 

Melanie Lighthouser

(she/her) Melanie is grateful to offer her signature INTEGRATED BREATH BODYWORK at The Be Free Healing Center. This modality combines Breathwork with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Caniosacral, Hot Towels, Singing Bowls, and a lot of love! It is her deepest pleasure to offer you a space of profound nurturing and realignment. You are invited to connect deeply to your breath while on the table. Through using the breath, your nervous system is able to more fully relax, receive, and integrate the changes. 

For all of Melanie's offerings, please visit 

Melanie sees clients at Be Free Mon & Wed and at her home Tues & Thurs.


60 min - $85
90 min - $125

(Student discounts available)
(Regular yoga students/clients enjoy $15 off 60 & 90 min sessions) 


Missy Whaley

(she/her) I have been studying the human body from a physiological, kinesthetic and spiritual approach for over 30 years. My training includes the Finger Lake School of Massage in Ithaca, N.Y. , B.F.A., (Ohio University) , M.F.A.(Temple University) in Dance, LIfeways Waldorf Early Childhood C.ED., and many intensives with other teachers over the years. I am passionately interested in supporting a person into their best humanity.

My multi-layered career as massage therapist, artist, choreographer, teacher, sister, daughter, mother and wife has taught me the importance of massage. Over the years of working in the healing arts, I have observed that there is an importance of rhythm, routine and relationship-based care with my clients. My sessions offer a quiet space to listen to the body, heart and soul, inviting balance to the nervous, circulatory, and muscular systems. I integrate Deep Tissue, Polarity, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Shiatsu, Swedish, Reiki, hot and cold stones, essential oils ,Ga Sha Stones , with an intention and a deep understanding that each body, day and moment needs to be approached a new.

Integrative Massage (Deep tissue, Neuromuscular, trigger point, shiatsu and Swedish ) La Stone Therapy
Healing Through Movement -Private or group sessions
Breathwork- private and group
Contemporary Dance Classes - private and group
Children’s Dance Classes - Private and group




 Therapeutic Massage:

60min $85

75 min $98

90min $125

120 min $170

180 min $255

La Stone 90 min massage $175

Missy is currently seeing clients at Be Free Tuesday -Saturday

Nikki Schmidt

(she/her) Creator of Love Illuminated, Nikki brings her radiant energy into each session. She
offers a kind and loving touch that creates a safe space filled with peace, joy, and relaxation. She invites clients to dive into the depths of their hearts and embody the inner healer they innately are.                   

To connect with Nikki:

Call/text her at 970.215.7027, Email her at, or visit her website
Nikki is offering sessions Tuesdays-Fridays.

  • Illuminated Massage

    • Includes Lymphatic & Cupping

  • Reiki Sessions

  • Reiki Practitioner Training

  • Be Free Breathwork™

    • Group and Individual

  • Akashic Records Sessions

  • Access Bars & Illuminated Facelift

60 minute session      -        $75

3 Pack (60min Sessions) - $190

Nikki is currently seeing clients at Be Free Tuesday -Friday 
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