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Reiki Treatment

Wellness Practitioners


We are so grateful to offer a home space to the following Wellness Practitioners.  

Each of these magicians work for themselves, however you can book with them HERE for your convenience!  

Payment is not available through our booking system.

 Please pay your provider directly.


Our Wellness Practitioners are here to serve you in maintaining physical/mental/emotional health. PLEASE help protect them by making excellent and safe choices with your self-care.  


Amisha Klawonn


Amisha Klawonn is an Integrative Physical/Yoga Therapist,  Embodiment & Sleep Coach. Her focus as an Integrative PT are visceral mobilization and holistic care for the whole person. Her areas of focus as a Coach are sleep, wellness, whole body living and manifesting.

As a Coach, she is trained in Women’s Health, hormones and polyvagal theory and application. She works with individuals one on one and in groups to help guide them to their best versions of themselves. She empowers individuals to create their visions for their lives, igniting transformation from the inside out. 

Amisha has extensively mentored and studied in the fields of chronic pain and spinal rehabilitation and whole body wellness. Her approach is unique and often finds areas of healing that have been overlooked. 

When she isn’t coaching, training or learning, she is spending time with her husband, son,  and black lab mix usually hiking, doing yoga or walking around the lake. She’s also rewiring her brain to play the guitar and frequently spends time with the horses in her area. 


You can currently book with Amisha through her site:   or call/text 602-214-8602


IG: @reignitingyoursoul

FB: @reignitingyoursoul

Amisha is currently offering sessions at Be Free on Tues & Thurs mornings


Baheya Aysheh


Baheya is a  compassionate &  loving Healer; a Palestinian  Medicine Woman; a Reiki Master; a Breathwork facilitator; a Tantra energy healer; a Yoga teacher; a Life Coach; and Mentor.   Her fiery passion is helping people come back home to self care and self love through healing the inner child and releasing the issues in the tissues.   Baheya has been practicing as a medicine woman for 15 years now and is humbled by each soul that shows up for guidance and healing.   Baheya’s uses the power of prayer as one of her magical modalities to clear energy. She is guided by spirits and the angelic realm.  Her gifts are truly amazing and life changing.   


Baheya also offers a 3-month one on one Mentoring and life coaching program and a 6 month 1 on 1 Medicine legacy program.  For more details please contact Baheya @ 970-481-0481 

Baheya is currently seeing clients at Be Free on Tuesdays

JK WEB-8546-3.jpg

Kelly Thielk


Kelly L. Thielk is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Acu-Detox Specialist, 200-hour E-RYT Yoga Instructor and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner whom helps people heal both mind and body. After working over 10 years in the yoga field and two years volunteering as a court appointed child advocate for LaSalle County in Illinois, she decided to combine her passion for yoga and therapy and earned her Master’s degree in Social Work (2015) at Aurora University. Kelly specialized in substance abuse obtaining her certification as an Alcohol and Drug counselor and working with dual diagnosis.  Kelly has worked as a therapist within the prison system focusing on substance abuse, anger management and criminal thinking.  Kelly also worked as a therapist for dual diagnosed clients at an intensive outpatient drug rehabilitation center focusing on relapse prevention, anger management, mindfulness and mental health.  Kelly worked at a Group Private practice in Illinois and has opened her own private practice here in Colorado.  Currently working with all genders ages 18 and up, individual and group setting.  Kelly has experience working with those suffering from extensive drug and or alcohol addiction as well as those just looking to make healthier life style changes.  Her experience in mental health has been helping clients with diagnosis such as Bi-polar, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia.   


Kelly believes that illness in the body reflects illness in the mind and illness in the mind reflects illness in the body.  This is why Kelly implements evidence-based practices in a holistic way incorporating yoga, art, music, breath, meditation, acu-detox, whole body wellness education along with psychotherapy.  Acu-detox is a 5-point needle therapy in the ear that helps calm withdrawal, anxiety and depression symptoms.  Reiki helps to calm the mind and body so the body can do the work it knows how to do naturally.  Kelly sees food as medicine, believes food equals mood and incorporates whole body wellness discussion into sessions.  Kelly’s therapy is eclectic but always client centered and strength based, she believes everyone has what they need to heal inside but in different stages or situations may need help utilizing those tools.  


Accepts most Insurances & sliding scale for Mental Health Therapy

Personal Yoga Session: $75 per hour

Reiki 1 hour: $60

Acu-Detox Community Style 30 minutes: $20

Individual Acu-Detox 30 minutes: $30

630-708-7938 to book! 

Kelly is currently seeing clients at Be Free Mondays & Tuesdays 

Nikki Schmidt

Creator of Love Illuminated, Nikki brings her radiant energy into each session. She
offers a kind and loving touch that creates a safe space filled with peace, joy, and relaxation. She invites clients to dive into the depths of their hearts and embody the inner healer they innately are.                   

To connect with Nikki:

Call/text her at 970.215.7027, Email her at, or visit her website
Nikki is offering sessions Tuesdays-Fridays.

  • Illuminated Massage

    • Includes Lymphatic & Cupping

  • Reiki Sessions

  • Reiki Practitioner Training

  • Be Free Breathwork™

    • Group and Individual

  • Akashic Records Sessions

  • Access Bars & Illuminated Facelift

60 minute session      -        $75

3 Pack (60min Sessions) - $190

Nikki is currently seeing clients at Be Free Tuesday -Friday 

Kat Davis

Kat began practicing Reiki more than 20 years ago, while she was in massage
school, and is a Reiki master attuned to the Usui lineage. Since then, she’s felt called to
become a yoga and meditation teacher and a Be Free Breathwork™ facilitator.

Having journeyed around the sun more than 50 times, she is proudly stepping into her Crone-Wise Woman phase. Along with life lessons, Kat has gathered magick and tools she loves to share with clients and in workshops and women’s circles. Kat loves working together to craft YOUR session. Clients find her nurturing and intuitive and love her mermaid-witchy vibe and hugs.


Kat offers Reiki sessions at Be Free every Thursday and has additional availability throughout the week.

Please contact Kat with questions, for other days or times, or to arrange private Yoga or Be Free Breathwork™ sessions (solo or with your ‘immuno-pod’). 


  • Reiki: 60 min $75, 3 pack $195

  • Reiki +: 60 min $90 (+ includes Sound Integration, Myofascial Release, or Restorative Yoga)

  • Wise Woman Work: 90 min, $133 (90 minutes allows more time for connection and for Kat to utilize more tools. A session may include a mix of breathwork, movement, Reiki, an oracle card reading, crystals, sound, and aromatherapy.)


Missy Whaley

Missy has been working in the Healing Arts for over twenty five years. She received her massage training at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca , New York. While getting her masters degree in dance from Temple University she worked at “Terme De Aroma” as a massage therapist offering La Stone, Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology Trigger Point and Tragger Therapy. She offers a holistic approach to healing. In our busy world, she has a tenacious passion to support people in self care and connecting with their human spirit .   Missy also taught at Temple University in the Dance Department and “Healing Through Movement “  classes at shelters, schools and other venues.  She created “Drop your Bones” which focuses on releasing joints and inviting flexibility to our bodies as they change. It allows a space to let go of what no longer serves you.   With her clients she strives to provide a safe space for them to relax and meet their bodies where they are with no expectations. The sessions will integrate various modalities of massage. She offers CBD massages using products from her family's company Frost Genetics LLC. ( Questions or to book directly, 970-821-7941 or email Missy at


30/60/90min Therapeutic Massage $45/$75/$115

La Stone 90min- $175

Shiatsu 90min - $115

Frost Genetics CBD add-on's: $10/60min. $15/90min

First visit $10 off (regularly priced massages)


Michelle Pelletier


Michelle Renee Pelletier is a compassionate clairvoyant reader, healer and intuitive teacher with 29 years experience. She leads clients through their deeply held traumas to integrate their true selves. 


In her CLAIRVOYANT READING sessions she shares specific images and concrete next steps that your soul shows her. Old pain, childhood trauma and answers about your inner child, present themselves in her readings so that you can embody your healing and move on. Her communication helps you subtly alter your internal emotional boundaries. Once you know what’s been holding you back, it frees up your energy to take action for yourself in life. Then your answers and joy come in. 


Her INTUITIVE BODYWORK sessions, designed over years, clears imprints of pain, trauma and loneliness within the body / being. She focuses on opening up the chi within the body. Her style includes cranial-sacral, myo-fascial, reflexology, hands on healing, song, communication, suggested visualizations and warm towels. 

Her SPA FOOT REFLEXOLOGY is an hour food treatment which includes a foot scrub, wrap, and reflexology treatment. While your feet are being warmly wrapped, relieve the tension in your nervous system with cranial sacral and hands on healing. You will leave feeling revived and nourished.

You can also come in just to feel good. She supports all folks on their healing path.  She is the owner of Center for Psychic Healing and Golden Child Meditation. Be sure to check the workshop calendar for her  INTUITIVE TRAINING where you’ll tend to your commitment to yourself, feeling good in your body, and releasing your inner critic so you can soar into the choices that feed your soul. 



Clairvoyant Reading:
@30 min for $80 @ 60min for  $150
Intuitive Bodywork:
@ 50min = $65 intro rate through Nov  (normally $85)
@ 75min = $115
Spa Foot Reflexology
@60min = 90
Michelle's Prices are for Be Free clientele. 
Packages and programs available after completion of your first session. 
Michelle sees clients in person Wed/Friday from 9am-1pm
Marti picture.jpg

Marti Bruening

Marti is a naturally gifted intuitive who uses Reiki to bring healing energy to her clients' hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. Marti has used Reiki, crystals, essential oils, yoga, therapy, meditation, and breathwork throughout her life to connect her to her highest self and her guides, and her hope is that her Reiki clients are empowered to connect with their higher selves as well. She became a Reiki Master in 2021. 

Marti customizes each session based on the client's needs, where the Reiki energy leads her, and through the use of music, scent, and touch. Her desire is to open the hearts of those she encounters by using Reiki to show how we are all self-healers -- the answers are inside of all of us!  

Marti is currently available evenings and weekends.  If you'd like to book with her, please call/text 970-631-6056

Offering Reiki:

60-minute session:  $75

3 Pack (60min):       $195

Melanie Lighthouser

Melanie is grateful to offer her signature INTEGRATED BREATH BODYWORK at The Be Free Healing Center. This modality combines Breathwork with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Caniosacral, Hot Towels, Singing Bowls, and a lot of love! It is her deepest pleasure to offer you a space of profound nurturing and realignment. You are invited to connect deeply to your breath while on the table. Through using the breath, your nervous system is able to more fully relax, receive, and integrate the changes. 

For all of Melanie's offerings, please visit 

Melanie sees clients at Be Free on Mon & Wed and at her home office Tues & Thurs. 


60 min - $85
90 min - $125

(Student discounts available)
(Regular yoga students/clients enjoy $15 off 60 & 90 min sessions) 

Untitled design-2.png

Alexandra Jenkins

Alexandra Jenkins is the co-owner of The Be Free Healing Center, and  offers Somatic Experiencing Sessions for adults 16 years and older. 

Somatic Experiencing®  is a body-oriented approach to healing of trauma and managing stress  with an emphasis on Nervous System regulation and response completion.  These session are beneficial for: those wanting to heal from trauma; anyone looking to become more settled and resourced in their body and emotions; those navigating life challenges needing a little extra support; and anyone wanting to create change in themselves or their relationships. 

Alexandra offers One on One Somatic Experiencing, Be Free Breathwork, and Psychedelic Integration Sessions in person, and online. Additionally Alexandra leads group 
experiences, workshops, and classes about the Nervous System and trauma resolution.

Individual Somatic Experiencing Session @ 60min :  $65, $95, $125
Individual Breathwork Session @ 2.5 hours: $160, $240, $310

Alexandra's prices are sliding scale, you choose what you pay. 
Packages and programs available after completion of your first session. 
Alexandra sees clients Monday, Wednesday, & Friday,  in person or online via Zoom. 
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