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Reiki Treatment

Wellness Practitioners


We are so grateful to offer a home space to the following Wellness Practitioners.  

Each of these magicians work for themselves, however you can book with them HERE for your convenience!  

Payment is not available through our booking system.

 Please pay your provider directly.


Our Wellness Practitioners are here to serve you in maintaining physical/mental/emotional health. PLEASE help protect them by making excellent and safe choices with your self-care.  

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Amisha Klawonn


(she/her) Amisha Klawonn is an Integrative Physical/Yoga Therapist,  Embodiment & Sleep Coach. Her focus as an Integrative PT are visceral mobilization and holistic care for the whole person. Her areas of focus as a Coach are sleep, wellness, whole body living and manifesting.

As a Coach, she is trained in Women’s Health, hormones and polyvagal theory and application. She works with individuals one on one and in groups to help guide them to their best versions of themselves. She empowers individuals to create their visions for their lives, igniting transformation from the inside out. 

Amisha has extensively mentored and studied in the fields of chronic pain and spinal rehabilitation and whole body wellness. Her approach is unique and often finds areas of healing that have been overlooked. 

When she isn’t coaching, training or learning, she is spending time with her husband, son,  and black lab mix usually hiking, doing yoga or walking around the lake. She’s also rewiring her brain to play the guitar and frequently spends time with the horses in her area. 


You can currently book with Amisha through her site:   or call/text 602-214-8602


IG: @reignitingyoursoul

FB: @reignitingyoursoul

Amisha is currently offering sessions at Be Free on Tues & Thurs mornings


Baheya Aysheh


(she/her) Baheya is a  compassionate &  loving Healer; a Palestinian  Medicine Woman; a Reiki Master; a Breathwork facilitator; a Tantra energy healer; a Yoga teacher; a Life Coach; and Mentor.   Her fiery passion is helping people come back home to self care and self love through healing the inner child and releasing the issues in the tissues.   Baheya has been practicing as a medicine woman for 15 years now and is humbled by each soul that shows up for guidance and healing.   Baheya’s uses the power of prayer as one of her magical modalities to clear energy. She is guided by spirits and the angelic realm.  Her gifts are truly amazing and life changing.   


Baheya also offers a 3-month one on one Mentoring and life coaching program and a 6 month 1 on 1 Medicine legacy program.  For more details please contact Baheya @ 970-481-0481 or visit her website

Baheya is currently seeing clients at Be Free on Tuesdays


Valerie Dluzak

Valerie (she/her) is a craniosacral therapist and is a practicing registered nurse.  Valerie obtained craniosacral therapy to help her address some unresolved trauma and a previous head injury from a snowboarding accident. Within 90 min, she felt like a new person. She was so inspired by the healing that she received that she decided to become a craniosacral therapist. She now enjoys helping clients who are trying to improve their health, wellness, and deepen their connection with their body. 

Craniosacral is a gentle, light touch therapy that addresses the fluids and membranes of the central nervous system. Clients generally feel an overall improvement in their overall well being. Craniosacral can help with a variety of issues such as migraines, insomnia, stress, pain, tension, TMJ, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety and so much more! 



Valerie is available Wednesday’s 2pm-6pm & Saturdays’s 10am-2pm 

Individual craniosacral therapy sessions are offered at a sliding scale, pay what you can. 

60 minutes: $70, $80, $90

90 minutes: $105, $120, $135

TO BOOK:  click the link below or call/text 661-433-7476


Nikki Schmidt

(she/her) Creator of Love Illuminated, Nikki brings her radiant energy into each session. She
offers a kind and loving touch that creates a safe space filled with peace, joy, and relaxation. She invites clients to dive into the depths of their hearts and embody the inner healer they innately are.                   

To connect with Nikki:

Call/text her at 970.215.7027, Email her at, or visit her website
Nikki is offering sessions Tuesdays-Fridays.

  • Illuminated Massage

    • Includes Lymphatic & Cupping

  • Reiki Sessions

  • Reiki Practitioner Training

  • Be Free Breathwork™

    • Group and Individual

  • Akashic Records Sessions

  • Access Bars & Illuminated Facelift

60 minute session      -        $75

3 Pack (60min Sessions) - $190

Nikki is currently seeing clients at Be Free Tuesday -Friday 

Kat Davis

(she/her) Kat began practicing Reiki more than 20 years ago, while she was in massage
school, and is a Reiki master attuned to the Usui lineage. Since then, she’s felt called to
become a yoga and meditation teacher and a Be Free Breathwork™ facilitator.

Having journeyed around the sun more than 50 times, she is proudly stepping into her Crone-Wise Woman phase. Along with life lessons, Kat has gathered magick and tools she loves to share with clients and in workshops and women’s circles. Kat loves working together to craft YOUR session. Clients find her nurturing and intuitive and love her mermaid-witchy vibe and hugs.


Kat offers Reiki sessions at Be Free every Thursday and has additional availability throughout the week.

Please contact Kat with questions, for other days or times, or to arrange private Yoga or Be Free Breathwork™ sessions (solo or with your ‘immuno-pod’). 


  • Reiki: 60 min $75, 3 pack $195

  • Reiki +: 60 min $90 (+ includes Sound Integration, Myofascial Release, or Restorative Yoga)

  • Wise Woman Work: 90 min, $133 (90 minutes allows more time for connection and for Kat to utilize more tools. A session may include a mix of breathwork, movement, Reiki, an oracle card reading, crystals, sound, and aromatherapy.)


Missy Whaley

(she/her) I have been studying the human body from a physiological, kinesthetic and spiritual approach for over 30 years. My training includes the Finger Lake School of Massage in Ithaca, N.Y. , B.F.A., (Ohio University) , M.F.A.(Temple University) in Dance, LIfeways Waldorf Early Childhood C.ED., and many intensives with other teachers over the years. I am passionately interested in supporting a person into their best humanity.

My multi-layered career as massage therapist, artist, choreographer, teacher, sister, daughter, mother and wife has taught me the importance of massage. Over the years of working in the healing arts, I have observed that there is an importance of rhythm, routine and relationship-based care with my clients. My sessions offer a quiet space to listen to the body, heart and soul, inviting balance to the nervous, circulatory, and muscular systems. I integrate Deep Tissue, Polarity, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Shiatsu, Swedish, Reiki, hot and cold stones, essential oils ,Ga Sha Stones , with an intention and a deep understanding that each body, day and moment needs to be approached a new.

Integrative Massage (Deep tissue, Neuromuscular, trigger point, shiatsu and Swedish ) La Stone Therapy
Healing Through Movement -Private or group sessions
Breathwork- private and group
Contemporary Dance Classes - private and group
Children’s Dance Classes - Private and group




 Therapeutic Massage:

60min $85

75 min $98

90min $125

120 min $170

180 min $255

La Stone 90 min massage $175

Missy is currently seeing clients at Be Free Tuesday -Saturday

Michelle Pelletier


(she/her) Michelle Renee Pelletier is a compassionate clairvoyant reader, healer and intuitive teacher with 29 years experience. She leads clients through their deeply held traumas to integrate their true selves. 


In her CLAIRVOYANT READING sessions she shares specific images and concrete next steps that your soul shows her. Old pain, childhood trauma and answers about your inner child, present themselves in her readings so that you can embody your healing and move on. Her communication helps you subtly alter your internal emotional boundaries. Once you know what’s been holding you back, it frees up your energy to take action for yourself in life. Then your answers and joy come in. 


Her INTUITIVE BODYWORK sessions, designed over years, clears imprints of pain, trauma and loneliness within the body / being. She focuses on opening up the chi within the body. Her style includes cranial-sacral, myo-fascial, reflexology, hands on healing, song, communication, suggested visualizations and warm towels. 

Her SPA FOOT REFLEXOLOGY is an hour food treatment which includes a foot scrub, wrap, and reflexology treatment. While your feet are being warmly wrapped, relieve the tension in your nervous system with cranial sacral and hands on healing. You will leave feeling revived and nourished.

You can also come in just to feel good. She supports all folks on their healing path.  She is the owner of Center for Psychic Healing and Golden Child Meditation. Be sure to check the workshop calendar for her  INTUITIVE TRAINING where you’ll tend to your commitment to yourself, feeling good in your body, and releasing your inner critic so you can soar into the choices that feed your soul. 



Clairvoyant Reading:
@30 min for $80 @ 60min for  $150
Intuitive Bodywork:
@ 50min = $65 intro rate through Nov  (normally $85)
@ 75min = $115
Spa Foot Reflexology
@60min = 90
Michelle's Prices are for Be Free clientele. 
Packages and programs available after completion of your first session. 
Michelle sees clients at Be Free Wednesdays  from 9am-1pm

Please call/text Michelle to make an appointment : 707-849-7793
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Emma Horne


(she/her) Emma is kind, loving, compassionate, and fun and loves nothing more than to create a welcoming and relaxed space for all who come and see her. 

From a young age, Emma was a free spirit who always followed her dreams and intuition. As an adolescent, Emma went through many traumas which lead her on a mission to heal and better herself. At the age of 18 (20 years ago), Emma studied Reiki I and then travelled to India to study as and Ayurvedic Therapist and Thailand to study Thai Massage, she then completed all the Reiki levels up to Master/ Teacher along with The Reiki Drum Technique. Emma has also studied various shamanic healing modalities in London, California and Sedona.

Emma and her husband moved from England, her home country, to California in 2013 where she had two daughters before moving to Fort Collins in 2022 and starting her business Ahimsa Herbals.


Ayurveda is considered the science of life. According to Ayurveda, we all born with unique mind and body types that are prone to unique ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and acting. Through Ayurveda, we can learn to live in our true nature with balance and harmony, through the use of proper foods, lifestyle choices, exercises and more….

Are you are interested in learning more about your individual body type? Are you feeling out of balance? Do you feel out of sorts yet feel like you're doing everything right? Then booking a consultation might be the first step you can take towards a healthier, happier you.

During your consultation, Emma will look at all aspects of your life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, and will try to come to an understanding of why you may be out of balance so you can take charge of you own life.

We will discuss in-depth about any concerns you may have, your health history and symptoms.

We will determine your unique mind/ body constitution and any subtle imbalances you may have. This checkup includes discussion about sleep, digestion, our poop, tongue, hair, eyes, nails and general appearance and will help determine any imbalances.


From here, I will work on a detailed plan to help bring you back into balance, and is completely tailored to you. It will include: 

  • The correct foods to eat and avoid

  • How to eat through the seasons

  • How to prevent a build-up of toxins in your mind and body

  • Yoga, meditation and pranayama practices suited just for you 

  • Simple lifestyle practices

  • Correct combinations

  • How to prevent build-up of toxins in the body


Initial Consultation - 90 Minute  - $125

Follow up session - 60 minutes -  $75

Reiki - 60minutes - $75


Follow up sessions are advised so we can go over how you're feeling now, to check in, and see if the changes are working, and to go over how the practices are affecting our bodies. In Ayurveda, our bodies will behave differently throughout the seasons depending on our unique body type, so we can discuss any food and lifestyle changes that may be appropriate for you.


Please reach out to Emma at or you can call or text her cell on (310) 863-2169

Emma will be seeing clients at Be Free on Fridays starting in May! 


Diane Clark

(She/her) Diane is excited to offer private sessions and small-group mindfulness meditation/mindful movement coaching at Be Free. She is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher through Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield’s 2-year credentialing program, and loves to share the gift of becoming fully present in the moment, one breath at a time 


In mindfulness meditation, we learn to feel into what’s present in our bodies and our minds. We give our attention to the present moment with acceptance, kindness, compassion, and non-judgement. 


Studies show the benefits of mindfulness meditation practices…reducing stress, enriching wellbeing, and bringing changes to our brain architecture by creating new neuropathways, shrinking the amygdala (the fight/flight/freeze part of the brain), and thickening the prefrontal cortex (the seat of impulse control and regulation of emotions in the brain). 


Whether you’re a beginner or looking for help to support your practice, know that Diane brings a gentle, welcoming presence, and is pleased to share the very practices that deepen her joy, and serve her on her own healing journey. She is passionate about supporting others and deeply grateful to her teachers and the Asian roots of this practice! Finding a supportive community is key. As humans, we know this innately, and are called to support each other. 


Diane sees clients at Be Free on Mondays. Check the workshop calendar for additional offerings from Diane on Mindfulness and Finding Balance. 



Mindfulness Meditation Classes 

Choose Your Payment Option - makes it possible for more people to access classes, supported by community & those with access to more resources. 


•Private 50-minute Session: $45/$65/$85 

•Private 4-Session Package: $160/$240/$320 

•Semi-Private (2-4 friends/family) 50-minute Session: $65/$85/$105 

•Semi-Private (2-4 friends/family) 4- Session Package: $240/$320/$480 


Note for Semi-Private Classes: You put together the small group or contact Diane to request being paired with others. Call or text 970 215-1505.


Cristy Mortensen

Hi there! My name is Cristy (she/her) and I have been an Esthetician for 26 years. I began using color light therapy modalities to aide in healing my TBI from a car accident. I used color light therapy and meditiation every day and as my cognitive skills began to improve, I discovered all colors of the light spectrum greatly enhanced skin results! I created a color light therapy facial, a customized european facial with a specialty mask, microcurrent, light therapy throughout the facial, shoulder, neck and face massage ending with 02 serum airbrush infusion and moisturizer. I have been studying and applying Chromotherapy healing for myself, my family and clients for over 5 years. Our skin, mind and body soaks up light therapy like a flower basking in the sunshine. I am so excited to join Be Free offering color light therapy facials, face waxing, brow wax/shaping and brow tinting.

Please call/text to book : 970-443-8248


Color Light Therapy Facial - $95 (80 min)

First Time Client Special $80

Brow Wax $25

Brow Tint $20

Marti picture.jpg

Marti Bruening

(she/her) Marti is a naturally gifted intuitive who uses Reiki to bring healing energy to her clients' hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. Marti has used Reiki, crystals, essential oils, yoga, therapy, meditation, and breathwork throughout her life to connect her to her highest self and her guides, and her hope is that her Reiki clients are empowered to connect with their higher selves as well. She became a Reiki Master in 2021. 

Marti customizes each session based on the client's needs, where the Reiki energy leads her, and through the use of music, scent, and touch. Her desire is to open the hearts of those she encounters by using Reiki to show how we are all self-healers -- the answers are inside of all of us!  

Marti is currently available evenings and weekends.  Check out her website:  If you'd like to book with her, please call/text 970-631-6056

Offering Reiki:

60-minute session:  $75

3 Pack (60min):       $195

Melanie Lighthouser

(she/her) Melanie is grateful to offer her signature INTEGRATED BREATH BODYWORK at The Be Free Healing Center. This modality combines Breathwork with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Caniosacral, Hot Towels, Singing Bowls, and a lot of love! It is her deepest pleasure to offer you a space of profound nurturing and realignment. You are invited to connect deeply to your breath while on the table. Through using the breath, your nervous system is able to more fully relax, receive, and integrate the changes. 

For all of Melanie's offerings, please visit 

Melanie sees clients at Be Free on Mon & Wed and at her home office Tues & Thurs. 


60 min - $85
90 min - $125

(Student discounts available)
(Regular yoga students/clients enjoy $15 off 60 & 90 min sessions) 

Untitled design-2.png

Alexandra Jenkins

(she/her) Alexandra Jenkins is the co-owner of The Be Free Healing Center, and  offers Somatic Experiencing Sessions for adults 16 years and older. 

Somatic Experiencing®  is a body-oriented approach to healing of trauma and managing stress  with an emphasis on Nervous System regulation and response completion.  These session are beneficial for: those wanting to heal from trauma; anyone looking to become more settled and resourced in their body and emotions; those navigating life challenges needing a little extra support; and anyone wanting to create change in themselves or their relationships. 

Alexandra offers One on One Somatic Experiencing, Be Free Breathwork, and Psychedelic Integration Sessions in person, and online. Additionally Alexandra leads group 
experiences, workshops, and classes about the Nervous System and trauma resolution.

Individual Somatic Experiencing Session @ 60min :  $65, $95, $125
Individual Breathwork Session @ 2.5 hours: $160, $240, $310

Alexandra's prices are sliding scale, you choose what you pay. 
Packages and programs available after completion of your first session. 
Alexandra sees clients Monday, Wednesday, & Friday,  in person or online via Zoom. 
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