Wellness Practitioners

We are so grateful to offer a home space to the following Wellness Practitioners.  

Each of these magicians work for themselves, however you can book with them HERE for your convenience!  

Payment is not available through our booking system.

 Please pay your provider directly.

See each provider below for who is currently seeing clients.


Our Wellness Practitioners are here to serve you in maintaining physical/mental/emotional health. PLEASE help protect them by making excellent and safe choices with your self-care.  We are working diligently to stay updated and in compliance with all Larimer County Health Regulations.

Thomas Speers

Thomas's healing arts journey began in pre-adolescence when his mother worked part time as a massage therapist. She was also the catalyst for his young exposure to energy work and alternative spirituality. Thomas enrolled in massage school at the age of 28, shortly after his mother's untimely death. In June 2010, a week shy of his 30th birthday, Thomas graduated from Boulder College of Massage Therapy's 1,000 hour program.


In the last decade of practicing bodywork, Thomas has developed a unique personal style that seamlessly blends various techniques borrowed from multitudinous modalities; including swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, myofacial release, zen shiatsu, and integrative massage--to name a few. The bodywork you will receive is skilled, intuitive, firm, fluid, strong, graceful, grounded, and expansive. Thomas comes to the table with balanced embodiment of anatomical knowledge, technical expertise, and a loving & nurturing heart & soul.

Whether you are seeking recovery from injury, ease from daily physical/mental/emotional stress, or overall relaxation--you will walk away from a session with Thomas feeling revived, rejuvenated, refreshed, and reset.


Thomas is now back in the office part-time!

Due to his limited schedule, please CALL/TEXT him if you'd like to book! 720-495-3996


30 min -  $40
60 min - $55
90 min - $75

For more info about Thomas, visit:  www.vonspeers.com

Baheya Aysheh

I call my business Zen By Baheya, and I am honored to provide sacred space and shared wisdom to awaken the natural born healer within you.  My purpose is to reconnect you with your Higher Divine Spirt, in order  to free you from all that no longer serves you.    The breath is the gift of Life itself. May we rediscover our own precious breath by rediscovering our Divine selves.

I am a spiritual Transformational Life Coach (TLC) , energy producer, Reiki practitioner, Yoga teacher,  Public Speaker on the importance of self care through self love, and a published author of the book I Hide Behind My Makeup (2013).  


I also love using natural remedies to sooth the soul.  I'm passionate about teaching you a healthier way of cooking, using divine healing spices and herbs from around the world.  It’s my desire to serve humanity in all ways possible.  Nourishing the soul through food is one of my favorite pastimes.


Baheya is now back to her healing practice and seeing a limited number of clients a week.

One-on-One  Spiritual TLC Sessions.  

90 min = $90 

60 min = $60

30 min = $30


Private Yo-Qi-Dance $60 min $63 


Private Yo-Qi-Dance and cooking up a delicious healthy meal,  90 min $111 

We will discuss ahead of time what we will cook together. Please purchase your ingredients.  I will teach you the secrets of mixing   up spices to sooth and heal your soul while we cook up some deliciousness and share some sacred wisdom with each other.  

To Book A Session:  I prefer to use the computer as little as possible.  Please call me to schedule a session :: 970-999-4168


Kendall Lockwood

After taking a break to birth two beautiful twins, Kendall is excited to be returning to her 7th year of massage! She invites you to come dive deep into relaxation. Let go with deep breathing, Reflexology, Body Insight essential oils and hot towels; a mixture which is sure to allow you to melt while being deeply nurtured. She incorporates a heavy focus on Breathwork and Body Insight into her massage, allowing you to release tension for a deep reset. Body Insight is a neuromuscular technique designed to gently encourage the client to become more in tune with their vessel, working together to create lasting structural change allowing for the release of deep patterning.


We are so happy to welcome Kendall to our team!  She is now seeing a limited number of people per week. 


60 min- $75
90 min -$110
2hr- $140 (upon request)

Please call/ text to book 970- 215-7374 or book online through the link below! 

Melanie Lighthouser

Melanie is grateful to offer her signature INTEGRATED BREATH BODYWORK at The Be Free Healing Center. This modality combines Breathwork with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Caniosacral, Hot Towels, Singing Bowls, and a lot of love! It is her deepest pleasure to offer you a space of profound nurturing and realignment. You are invited to connect deeply to your breath while on the table. Through using the breath, your nervous system is able to more fully relax, receive, and integrate the changes. 

For all of Melanie's offerings, please visit www.melanielighthouser.com 

Melanie is now back in the office and seeing a limited number of people per week. 

60 min - $80
90 min - $115

(Student discounts available)
(Regular yoga students/clients enjoy $15 off 60 & 90 min sessions) 


Alexandra Jenkins

 Alexandra Jenkins, co-owner of The Be Free Healing Center, is excited to have a physical home space for her services. Did you know that she offers private shadow work sessions? Alexandra utilizes somatic integration tools to help clients recover from depression and anxiety,  face and heal trauma, cultivate self love, and dive deeper into their personal growth journey. Shadow work sessions are $75/hour and you will receive supportive accountability, step by step guidance, and empowering results.

Alexandra is a massage therapist, yoga instructor, Be Free Breathwork facilitator, Shadow Work practitioner, and spiritual mentor. She combines all her expertise and experience into a radical offering for you to experience profound breakthrough moments, new  realizations, and wake up moment after wake up moment. 
For more info on Alexandra : www.limitlessexpansion.net
Alexandra is currently mostly seeing clients via Zoom. She has limited availability for in-person.

ShadowWork Sessions - $75/hr

Nikki Schmidt

Creator of Oasis Therapeutics, Nikki brings her radiant energy into each session. She offers a kind and loving touch as she integrates her passions of learning, sharing and creating. Nikki’s intention offers a safe space filled with love, joy and expansion inviting clients to dive into the depths of their hearts and embody the inner healer they are. 

For more info about Nikki, visit her website www.relaxwithnikki.com 

Nikki is currently taking a break from her practice and plans to return to seeing clients in August


* Lymphatic Massage
* Cupping
* Reiki 
* Be Free Breathwork Facilitation 
   (Group and Individual)
* Essential Oil Therapy 

30 minute session - $35

60 minute session - $65

90 minute session - $95

We are currently working to fill the open massage/treatment rooms that we have available.  If you are a Wellness Practitioner of some sort and are interested in having your practice
at Be Free, please contact Melanie @ 970-286-4447