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A BIG Announcement From Be Free- Alex's Letter To Our CommUnity

My Dearest Be Free Community,

Its Alex. Happy April!

I hope that life is beginning to bloom for you now that spring is here. Glad we are on the other side of those crazy winds! This spring for me is bringing change, shedding, and growth.Which is why I am writing this letter. Change is happening at Be Free. It is with love and deep gratitude that I am letting you all know that I have decided to step down from the title of Co-Owner of Be Free.

I have LOVED being a leader in this community. I have loved leading alongside Melanie for all these years. And, it has been a deep privilege to serve you all, the Be Free Community.

Eighteen months ago my world really shifted. And for the better part of a year I held it together in fight or flight.  Then in August of last year I went deeply into freeze. At that point I had only the bare minimum to give to my work, and was barely functioning at home.  At that time, Mel and I started discussing the possibility of a shift. We went through many possibilities and thought for a while we might shift in the direction of a non-profit. That was not broadcasted far and wide, but I know the word spread that there was talk of shifting. Mel and I started to talk at that time about the possibility of a change into a non-profit model which would bring in more layers of support. With some time and research, we’ve come to realize that this route is not the direct answer. Which continued to leave us with me not feeling able to show up in this role as fully as is necessary.

Thankfully, I am no longer in Freeze. I am feeling grounded and like myself again.  I recognize so much beauty in this transition and have so much gratitude to be able to make this shift with so much grace and support.I am so very grateful for the foundation of love and support Mel and I’s friendship is built on. We say all the time how rare it must be that we could start out as friends, do all that we do together and still connect deeply in friendship. 

Mel remains deeply committed to Be Free and I am so proud of her, and am honored to have served along side her. She will stay at the helm, and a new co-ower will be stepping in. Mel and I are so excited to announce the passing of my torch to Bianca (Bee) Myers. It fills my heart with great joy to have Bee stepping in. Ya’ll, she is AMAZING. And, it is kismet in so many ways for her to be here now accepting this role.

Bianca has been with Mel and I since the beginning. She and her husband Brandon were at Mel and I’s very first breathwork retreat. Bianca was in our very first breathwork facilitator training, and was a part of Mel’s teacher training before it was at Be Free. Bianca is already deeply interwoven into the fabric of Be Free. Bee was a huge support during our build out, and she created our sign and our logo.  She is the designer of the sacred flame that lives on our door. And has been the designer of our shirts and sweatshirts.

I am so excited for what’s in store for Be Free as she and Mel begin their co-owner journey.  Bianca has been running successful businesses in Northern Colorado for the past 15 years. Over the last 8 years, I have had the privilege of watching her grow into a strong woman of integrity, and resilience. Her path has been leading her here, to this time, and I am overjoyed to watch her shine in this role.

Thank you, everyone for loving this community so much, and for all that we create together.I am so grateful for the last 5 years. Thank you for all of the love and support you pour into the space. Thank you for making my dream a reality, and for all the hugs.

Special thanks to Melanie. For being my sister-wife, my business-wife, my facilitator-wife, and my very best friend.  I love you and I am so proud of you, and I know that there is no limit to how brightly the flame will burn with you and Bianca combined.

Bianca, thank you for your support. I am grateful for how much you believe in Be Free and for the magic I know you’re bringing in.Over the next two months, Bianca will be making the transition into the co-ower role. I am staying on to support this transition, and to make sure it feels easeful for everyone one as Bee jumps in. I will still be teaching yoga - rotating teaching the Sunday 6pm class; and a new Slow Flow class starting this Thursday at 4pm. I will still be facilitating breathwork. and , In May I will see individual clients again through a new service.Thank you all for receiving me. I am so blessed by all of you; and honored to be a part of this community.  It’s a privilege to belong here, and to receive all the love you give.

Alexandra Jenkins

Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Healing,  Nervous System Regulation & Be Free Breathwork

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